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An Amber a Day: The Functional Nutrition Podcast

Amber Fischer, MS, CNS

An Amber a Day is all about functional nutrition approaches with Amber Fischer, a functional nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Specialist in San Antonio, Texas. Amber specializes in autoimmune conditions and fertility issues, particularly PCOS. Amber talks about nutrition, takes questions from listeners, and interviews other health professionals. She also invites you to take a look at her life and gives behind the scenes looks at being a nutritionist and a woman who struggles with PCOS, has been through cancer and IVF and a mother. Her approach is realistic, honest, vulnerable and she talks about everything with a sense of humor. *All the information expressed in An Amber a Day: The Functional Nutrition Podcasts is for information purposes only. Always consult your doctor and nutritionist for any medical advice and before making any diet and lifestyle changes.

Recent Episodes

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