Inner Peace and Power

Episode 5: Busy Lives, Calm Minds: Top 3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Modern Times

December 27, 2023 Rashmi Schramm, MD Episode 5
Inner Peace and Power
Episode 5: Busy Lives, Calm Minds: Top 3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Modern Times
Show Notes

In this episode, we explore ways we can bring mindfulness into our busy, hectic lives. In a world that is obsessed with multi tasking, productivity and hacks, these strategies can be refreshing and life affirming. 

We may not be able to sit for a formal meditation practice and/or we may wish to practice these in addition to our formal practice. In many people who suffer with PTSD or trauma, it’s not a great first strategy to sit down to meditate. 

A reminder that the most mindful humans around are little kids…let’s go learn from them!

Benefits of practicing mindfulness: inner peace, inner power - resilience. Improved relationships, increased self awareness to name a few. 

Top 3 Ways I’m Trying to Practice Mindfulness

1. Walking/Movement in Nature/Outdoors

  • Benefits: calming effect of nature, the sensory experience, and the connection with the environment; listen, see smell, feel. 
  • Practical: Engage all senses and be present during nature walks.
  • Forest Bathing… Trees omit something called Phytoncides: Boosts our natural killer cells NK cells, Boosts Immune system. Reduces Cortisol, reduced stress, enhances focus and concentration 

2. Mono-tasking vs. Multitasking

  •  Multi tasking is essentially a myth - it reduces our productivity and causes cognitive degradation. I share my story about how this is a daily practice I try to implement in my own life. 
  • Mono tasking benefits: focusing on one task at a time can increase efficiency, reduce stress, and enhance the quality of work.
  • Implementation:  give ourselves permission. Bring in awareness when we are trying to multi-task and consciously choose mono tasking.  

3. Mindful Eating

  • I share my story of how I used to not eat so mindfully:)
  • Benefits: Improved digestion, deeper appreciation of food, more mind/body connection, more enjoyment of eating.
  • Implementation: Sit down to eat, use your senses, put the phone or laptop away. Savor each bite, bring in gratitude. Prayer is a beautiful practice in many traditions. 

Mindfulness is a skill and there is no destination. Find ways to enjoy the small moments in everyday life.We’re not supposed to be mindful all of the time. Work your way up to a mindfulness practice that helps you live a more peaceful and powerful life. 

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