Inner Peace and Power

Episode 6: New Year, New Beginnings! Celebrating, Releasing, Setting Intentions for 2024

January 01, 2024 Rashmi Schramm, MD Episode 6
Inner Peace and Power
Episode 6: New Year, New Beginnings! Celebrating, Releasing, Setting Intentions for 2024
Show Notes

This episode is all about New Beginnings for the new year.

We’ll begin by celebrating Our Wins from 2023

  • We can make it a habit to reflect on our personal and professional achievements over the course of 2023. 
  • It’s not selfish or braggy when we are acknowledging growth, success, and the lessons learned. We’ll talk about GAIN vs. Gap in ways to look at our growth. 
  • I share my own highlights of Wins from 2023 - it was a big year for me for personal and relational growth. And when I looked, I had also grown quite a lot professionally. 
  • Segment 2: The Art of Letting Go
  • Often overlooked: releasing what’s constricting us: fear (of failure?, rejection ) Regret, Resentments, Grievances with how things should have been or should have turned out? Keep us from growing and evolving. 
  •  Practices for letting go - Meditation, Awareness, journaling, having a safe relationship to co regulate
  • Invite you to identify what you need to release to move forward.

Part 2: Creating a Safe Space for Growth

  • The importance of creating a nurturing environment for personal, professional, emotional growth and evolution.
  • We’ll review self-compassion, grounding ourselves with safe relationships. This is huge, y’all. We can’t skip this if we really want big explosive growth. 
  • I share tips for cultivating a positive and supportive personal environment.

Part 3: Asking Ourselves the 4 Soul Questions:

  • I’ve asked myself these 4 questions every day for at least 11 years. The answers are wild!
  • 1. Who am I? 2. What do I want? 3. What is my purpose? 4. What am I grateful for? Images, sensations arise…don’t judge. Nurture curiosity about what you actually want, rather than what someone else or society tells you.

Part 4: Setting Intentions based on Desires. Setting SMART Goals for 2024

  • Knowing your Vision and your WHY. Then, you’re ready to look into SMART goals and their importance in achieving success.
  • I’ll help you in setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.
  • My SMART goal to illustrate the concept: Meditation: 30 seated meditation every morning. 
  • Why: personal and spiritual growth. Creating a ripple effect. 
  • We’ll talk about habits in a later episode!

Part 5:  Mindfulness and Acceptance in New Beginnings in New Year!

  • Reminder: Meditation, mindfulness and self acceptance play a crucial role in new beginnings and setting aligned intentions. Reminder that Outer Peace begins with Inner Peace 
  • Yoga says…  You are not broken. You are already Whole and Complete. 

Gratitude! Heartfelt gratitude for your support and engagement. Please share this episode if this resonated with you. 

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