Inner Peace and Power

Episode 8: Connection, Healing and Growth with Dr. Kathy Stepien

January 15, 2024 Episode 8
Inner Peace and Power
Episode 8: Connection, Healing and Growth with Dr. Kathy Stepien
Show Notes

Welcome to this exciting episode, friend! Today’s guest is Dr. Kathy Stepien. 

We talk about wide ranging topics such as how coaching is really the process of becoming; and how being grounded in a meditation or mindfulness practice is life changing.

We even discuss the complete absurdity of life itself as a way to keep lightness of Being in our hectic schedules. 

You are going to love this candid, wisdom filled conversation!

Dr. Stepien is a board-certified Pediatrician in active practice and the founding director of The Institute for Physician Wellness. She graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine. Prior to entering medicine, she practiced Physical Therapy for many years. She also holds a graduate degree in Philosophy where she focused on applied ethics.  Dr. Stepien has published in the medical literature as well as in the lay press on topics affecting physician wellness. She is a certified Physician Coach, and has training in teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as well as Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC). She received the Victorian Cross Humanitarian Award in 2018 for her ongoing contributions to physician well-being.

A keynote speaker, coach, educator, and leader, she is an authentic example of what is possible when physicians work for change.  Since founding the Institute for Physician Wellness in 2016, she has supported thousands of physicians on their paths to well-being.

When she is not working, you may find her out hiking on her favorite trails with friends and family.   

You can learn more about Dr. Stepien, her coaching, retreats, and programs at

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