Inner Peace and Power

Episode 9: Embracing the Power of Emotions

January 22, 2024 Rashmi Schramm, MD Episode 9
Inner Peace and Power
Episode 9: Embracing the Power of Emotions
Show Notes

Welcome to Our Emotional Wellness Journey

What We Explore Today:

  • Embracing Our Emotional Selves:
    • Let’s gently unpack why suppressing emotions doesn’t equate to strength but can lead to inner turmoil.
    • How we are likely conditioned to think that feeling emotions makes us weak. 
      A nod to the  world of CTFAR and the coaching paradigm. 
  • Ayurveda’s Wisdom on Emotions:
    • Delve into Ayurveda's rich teachings on emotional wellbeing.
    • Discover how emotions are not just fleeting feelings but messengers of deep wisdom.
  • The Power of Emotions:
    • Let's compassionately understand how ignoring our emotional messengers can impact our lives.
    • What we resist persists
    • Learning how to lovingly acknowledge and understand our emotions, transforming them into sources of strength.
    • A peaceful approach towards achieving inner harmony and tranquility.
  • Steps to Empower Your Emotional Self:
    • Step One: Embracing responsibility for our emotions with kindness. Letting go of blame and shame.
    • Step Two: Identifying the nature of our emotions with some granularity.
    • Step Three: Feeling and acknowledging our emotions as a powerful act of self-care. Giving ourselves permission to feel them in our bodies. 
  • Empowerment Through Emotions:
    • Understanding the transformative power of not suppressing emotions.
    • Embracing each emotion as a guide and teacher on our path to self-awareness and inner peace.
  • Community: Our Emotional Sanctuary inside The Power Within Membership
    • A celebration of the power of sharing emotions and experiences in our community.
    • Creating a nurturing space for vulnerability and emotional sharing.

Thank you for being here. You are truly appreciated.

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