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Listening In: Fascinating Finds from Cutting-Edge Research

Zara Bain

Welcome to Listening In, a brand new podcast from specialist transcription and closed captioning company, Academic Audio Transcription.

At Academic Audio Transcription, we're in the business of listening. We spend our days tuned in to research projects that ask questions like: What is the commercial value of jellyfish farming? Does the Eurovision Song Contest affect geopolitical soft power relations? How important was the 90s London Dub Music scene to contemporary British music?

In this podcast, we talk to our fantastic clients to turn our fly-on-the-wall experience of transcribing their research into something you can enjoy too -- because we think the fantastic insights, eye-opening observations, and compelling conclusions of our clients and their research participants are just too blimmin' interesting to keep under wraps!

You'll be hearing from our host, Zara Bain, and our expert clients in their own voices. We aim to give you a glimpse into cutting-edge research through the lens of disability justice, and explore the importance of things like transcription, closed captioning, and other forms of access work that helps make this research happen.

If there is anything that you’d like to hear relating to accessibility or academia, we'd love to here from you! Drop us a line on Twitter (@AAT_Transcribes), BlueSky ( or LinkedIn, or via good old-fashioned email at