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Parenting Autism

Chris and Sandy Colter

Your hosts are Chris and Sandy Colter, the parents of Bryce, who share their autism journey with stories about their seven year old son who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age two. The podcast is designed to connect with families who have been touched by autism and people who want to learn more about their world. You'll learn all about how they deal with day to day challenges and how you might apply it to your own life. It also sheds light on the "Mommy and Daddy" perspectives of parenting on the autism spectrum. Find their podcast on all of the popular platforms including iTunes. Also, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. Their website ( includes helpful resources on a variety of topics.

Recent Episodes

E74: Our First Visit to an Autism DoctorSeptember 19, 2021 Episode artwork E73: Bryce's BIG Breakthrough: The Benefits of Being Upside Down!! September 05, 2021 Episode artwork E72: Occupational Therapy: Proprioception (Muscle) and Vestibular (Movement) SensesAugust 07, 2021 Episode artwork E71: Diet-Behavior Updates, "The Chosen", a BIG Church Milestone, and More July 25, 2021 Episode artwork E70: Improvements with our Allergen-Free Diet, Plus a look into NightshadesJuly 11, 2021 Episode artwork E69: Our New Diet Transition, Bryce's Behaviors, and Cub Scout DecisionsJune 27, 2021 Episode artwork E68: Revisiting Diet and a Bio-Medical Approach to Help Bryce's SIBJune 13, 2021 Episode artwork E67: We Got COVID!May 31, 2021 Episode artwork E66: ABA Targets, Typing Class, Social Game, and Bryce's SingingMay 15, 2021 Episode artwork E65: Starting 2nd Grade, Struggles with Writing, and Teaching Bryce about MoneyMay 08, 2021 Episode artwork E64: The Importance of Listening to your Gut Instincts, Air Show, and a New ResourceApril 21, 2021 Episode artwork E63: Losing a Tooth, Fire Safety, Swimming, and More Recent AdventuresApril 10, 2021 Episode artwork E62: Hair Cuts, Bath Time, Art Therapy, and Home-ChurchMarch 14, 2021 Episode artwork E61: Figuring Out the Best Way to Teach Bryce about the BibleMarch 06, 2021 Episode artwork E60: Updates: Dentist, Autism Behaviors, and Podcast Difficulties February 28, 2021 Episode artwork E59: Learning to be Bryce's ABA Facilitators February 17, 2021 Episode artwork E58: Probiotic Success + Teaching to Read Social Cues + GiveawayJanuary 30, 2021 Episode artwork E57: Bryce's New ABA Plan + Florida CARD ConferenceJanuary 17, 2021 Episode artwork E56: The Importance of Celebrating AccomplishmentsJanuary 10, 2021 Episode artwork E55: It Stinks to Feel "Parent Fail" December 27, 2020 Episode artwork E54: An Inside Perspective of Autism with Bryce's CousinDecember 20, 2020 Episode artwork E53: A Season of ReasonDecember 07, 2020 Episode artwork E52: How We Get the Best Results from TherapiesNovember 20, 2020 Episode artwork E51: New Strategies with Bryce: Behaviors, Birthday Party, + ABANovember 08, 2020 Episode artwork E50: Family Vacation - Taking Bryce into the "Real World"October 18, 2020 Episode artwork