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The Project exists to lead, move, and inspire. We help you create the best years of your health by sharing advice and interviews on well-being with a worldly network of health and wellness experts. Each host and guest comes from wildly different backgrounds giving listeners a well-rounded perspective on the state of the health and wellness industry. Join the conversation as we sift through and simplify the health information that's causing you pain.Meet Mahdi! He's a proud, baseball-obsessed Kuwaiti father that sticks up for the average Joe and likes to stir the pot of the fitness industry. Mahdi's mission is to make a difference for parents from a holistic perspective as a father and husband. He aims to empower people by providing knowledge to help them take control of their lives and not base it on a diet or a machine. Meet Meg! She's a stress terminator building confidence in populations where the message is the opposite. Using movement, mindfulness, and nutrition Meg helps pull possible out of the impossible. Her wellness journey has taken her to more than 20 countries. Her expertise lies in preparing, mobilizing, and strengthening mind – body connections to preserve and enhance health as you age.Meet Haya! Holds a PHD in strength and smarts!Dr. Dinkha is a professor and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has lived and studied in the United States. She has published various professional papers and made presentations at international conferences. Dr. Dinkha’s research focuses on cultural issues as it relates to human behavior and cognitive restructuring. This includes such factors as identity, depression, violence prevention, discrimination, motivation, and satisfaction with students, laborers and domestic workers.

Recent Episodes

Functionised with Chantea and Jim Goetz: How Does Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Improve Performance, Heart Rate Variability Training, What can Audio Visual Entrainment do for Better Performance? November 17, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Burnout, Self-love, and Steps to Overcome Mini FunksNovember 13, 2019 Episode artwork بور لفتنق مع كابتن أبو عباسNovember 10, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Frank Belonus Discusses: PTSD and it’s Impacts, Leadership, Artificial intelligence, Cults and the Similarities to TerrorismNovember 05, 2019 Episode artwork First Steps to a Better Fitter Life With Ruben Garcia (rmotioncoach) and Fatima Juma Discuss:The Importance of Feet and Shoes, Movement and Motion, Physical Therapy and How to Start and End Your Day Washing off the Bad KarmaNovember 03, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Majda Al Sabah Founder of ASAP Initiative for Mental Health October 29, 2019 Episode artwork Olympian and Local Hero Danah Al Nasrallah Discusses Her Story, Running Career, Training, and Overcoming the Odds as a Young OlympianOctober 27, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Narcissism, Parenting and Empathy October 22, 2019 Episode artwork The Latest on Battle of the East With Omar Al Sharhan: Winners, Losers, Up and Coming Stars, and Sports programs for KidsOctober 20, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Steps on How to Get Over Fear and Get Out of Your Comfort ZoneOctober 15, 2019 Episode artwork How to Prepare for Your First Power Meet With Tom, Malaak and Haya Discussing: Tapering, nutrition, programming and Keys to SuccessOctober 13, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Discussion with Larson on Adolescent Psychology! First Steps to Raising a Teenager, Parenting Do’s and Don’tsOctober 08, 2019 Episode artwork James Wright of Alioth Discusses: Secretes to Sustaining a Gym in a Flat Market, First Steps to Olympic Weightlifting, Battle of The East, Managing a Gym and Coaching in Kuwait vs AbroadOctober 06, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Dr.Vera Tarman Author of Food Junkies is a World Renown Food Addiction ExpertOctober 01, 2019 Episode artwork 3x CrossFit Games Athlete Mikko Aronpaa Discusses his Experience as a High-performing Athlete, Training After 30, Recovery, Breaking Plateaus at an Older Age, and What it Takes to be the Best.September 29, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Porn, Sex, Affairs, Love, and Relationships; How to tell if Your Lover is Cheating September 24, 2019 Episode artwork دردشتنا عن الكروسفت والاندية بالكويت مع علي شكر Chatting Gyms, People and Kuwait With Ali Chokr September 22, 2019 Episode artwork علم نفس الجراحة التجميلية مع الدكتور حسام بدوي -------------------Psyched With Dr. D:The Psychology of Plastic Surgery With Dr. Houssam BadawiSeptember 17, 2019 Episode artwork Movement and Physiotherapist Jarret Cocks & Maxine Heard Discuss Movement Therapy, Physical Therapy, Myofascial Release, Muscle Priming, Shoulder Pain and HypermobilitySeptember 15, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Life Coaching with Lina Kamal on the Ins and Outs of what you Should be Looking for in a Life CoachSeptember 10, 2019 Episode artwork This is JassemSeptember 08, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Psyched with Dr. D: Toxic People, Relationships, Environment and Methods to Overcome them!September 03, 2019 Episode artwork This is Saja :World Class Athlete, Ranked 53rd Globally Amongst Teens, 6th in Egypt, Teen Phenome Talks about How She is Becoming the Best in her Field September 01, 2019 Episode artwork Psyched with Dr. D: Psyched with Dr. D: Mental Health in Kuwait VS the USA, Psychology and Psychiatry, CBD, Medical Marijuana, Ethics and Integrity, and How to Spot a Scam.August 27, 2019 Episode artwork الكابتن رائد الحماد يتكلم عن (الخطة التدريبية، الألعاب الرياضية في الكروس فت، التزام الشخص بالتمارين الرياضية, الاهتمام بالرياضة في الدول العربية ، كيف تبدأ وتتهيأ للتدريب، كيفية تخفيف آلام الظهر بالتمارين ، ضرورة ممارسة المرأة تمارين الحديدAugust 25, 2019 Episode artwork