The Project: Kuwait

Kuwaiti Super Star Fahad Al Zaid talks about training, recovery , work ethic and how to be successful in your sport

February 23, 2019 Season 1 Episode 30
The Project: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Super Star Fahad Al Zaid talks about training, recovery , work ethic and how to be successful in your sport
The Project: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Super Star Fahad Al Zaid talks about training, recovery , work ethic and how to be successful in your sport
Feb 23, 2019 Season 1 Episode 30
Mahdi Aloun, Fahad Al-Zaid
Summary: On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi interviews Kuwaiti rising star baseball player Fahad Al Zaid and his father. Fahad is 16 years old and 5 years into his already prolific baseball career, training 3 hours per day in order to reach his goal of playing in the MLB before too long.
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1:01 – Fahad’s dad joins Mahdi first to talk about the five years since Fahad started playing baseball, at age 10. During a tournament early on, Fahad’s parents realized that he would be a standout player if they invested in his training, so Fahad and his dad have spent the past few summers in the States learning from professional coaches.

3:05 – Fahad’s parents have always believed in the talents of their 2 daughters and 2 sons, and they have provided them with every opportunity to succeed.

5:08 – Fahad’s dad talks about parents in Kuwait who put too much emphasis on their children’s studies and how the world could be a richer place if these kids were able to cultivate their talents.

7:39 – Mahdi first met Fahad when he was about 13, and he immediately recognized his talent. Fahad’s dad says that their family is committed to helping Fahad pursue his dreams by recording every second of his training, practices, and games and potentially moving to the States for him to go to a Division 1 college.

10:47 – Next, Fahad joins the conversation and describes his love for the game and commitment to conditioning, driven by the support of his family and community. He reiterates what his father said about the benefits of focusing on school and sports together, which helps him with time management.

13:04 – To parents who hold their children back from extracurricular activities, Fahad says that kids should be able to study earlier so they can play.

14:05 – Fahad’s typical training session includes stretching, running laps, pitching, batting, fielding, and long toss.

14:46 – His favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees, and he likes Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez.

15:00 – In order to stay healthy and fit, he uses bands, ice, and heat for recovery and he is working on improving his strength through weight lifting, ropes, and long toss.

16:39 – Fahad talks about the improvements he has been able to make in his batting game thanks to the batting cage and pitching machines that his parents have purchased for him to have at home.

18:21 – In 5 years, Fahad hopes to be signing with a Division 1 team or with the MLB. He currently tops out at 81 mph pitching and 85 mph batting.

19:17 – Fahad describes his intensive summers in the States as “all business” and filled with ups and downs, but filled with competition that is unparalleled in Kuwait.

20:39 – He is looking at colleges in Florida, Indiana, and Kentucky, and Mahdi mentions that he has been throwing his name out there to some of his buddies of influence in the States.

22:13 – Fahad’s favorite pitch to throw is a strike, of course, but when pressed about it, he would say a fastball.

22:35 – Asked about his favorite training modality, Fahad says that he focuses on the basics of leg strength, crossover, core strength, and using ropes to build up his arm strength.

24:34 – At school, he doesn’t show off or school his classmates, but helps them with their own fitness goals.

25:00 – Since he got serious about baseball, Fahad has lost 35-40 kilos by cutting down his portion sizes and training for 3 hours a day.

26:10 – Fahad’s advice to other kids who want to get serious about athletics is to get off of Fortnite, get out there and do something. 

26:35 – Fahad gives a shoutout to Coach Salvatore and Coach Aaron Hernandez who have been integral in his growth as a player. He also reiterates that baseball is a game of failure, so you are continually given areas of improvement.


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