The Project: Kuwait

Kuwait Moms Guide and Stop Crying Studios ; How to Get Yourself and Your Kids More Active

March 09, 2019 Season 1 Episode 32
The Project: Kuwait
Kuwait Moms Guide and Stop Crying Studios ; How to Get Yourself and Your Kids More Active
The Project: Kuwait
Kuwait Moms Guide and Stop Crying Studios ; How to Get Yourself and Your Kids More Active
Mar 09, 2019 Season 1 Episode 32
Mahdi Aloun, Liam Glynn, Kuwait Moms Guide and Stop Crying Studios
Summary: On this episode of the Project Kuwait, Mahdi and Liam interview Jamie, founder of the Kuwait Moms Guide, and Jon P., Jamie’s trainer and the founder of Stop Crying Studios. They share with listeners some very practical tips about starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your kids. They are great resources for anyone looking to get more active.
Show Notes

Time Stamps:

2:18 – Jamie talks about how the Kuwait Moms Guide started and how it has unexpectedly grown.

3:04 – Jon P tells the story of the creation of Stop Crying Studios and his philosophy of approaching every client differently based on their background and the best way to motivate them.

5:34 – Jamie says that it is necessary to use a similar approach in parenting and coaching kids. By having a positive vibe but still encouraging them to work hard, as well as demonstrating a healthy lifestyle by doing activities together, parents can help their kids in all aspects of life.

8:48 – Jon uses different modalities such as HIIT, strength training, and injury rehabilitation depending on the needs and preferences of the client. With beginners, he tries to distract the clients from the actual number of sets and reps in their workout.

10:39 – Jamie’s husband started training with Jon in fall 2018, and after Jamie injured her hip and was unable to run as she had been doing, her husband recommended that she try a session with Jon. Initially, she was intimidated because she had never been in a workout setting like that, but now she is consistently going, even bringing her daughters with her on Saturdays.

13:06 – Mahdi asks how Jamie handles social media exposure with her daughters, focusing on health more than image. Jamie’s daughters are 7 and 10 years old, so they do not have access to social media yet and she limits their other media exposure as well. She never talks with them about diets, losing weight, or looks, rather focusing on health and being active.

16:50 – Jon discusses how he coaches children by encouraging them and treating everyone as they need to be treated.

17:40 – Jamie keeps her daughters active with gymnastics 2 days per week, knitting, unstructured play time, and plenty of exploring as a family.

20:26 – Jon’s favorite type of client is open-minded, willing to listen to Jon’s recommendations. Liam says that his least favorite type of client is the one that says “I can’t do that” when they really mean “I won’t do that.” Jamie emphasizes that it was helpful for her to make her workouts digestible.

25:13 – Jamie says that a lot of parents don’t realize that they impact their kids by what they do and what they say. Kids are learning how to live from their parents and your behavior is shaping their mindset towards all of life. Liam says that this dynamic is the same in the client/trainer relationship as well.

27:40 – Jamie talks about nutrition being the most challenging aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Mahdi reiterates that while it is difficult to eat completely clean, it is important to source your food and come up with a long-term plan you can live with. 

29:36 – Jamie then shares the difficulty of being consistent in working out, but her commitment to train with Jon twice per week until she can manage more.

30:55 – She says that she has noticed a big difference in her energy level, stress management, and overall health since she started working out.

32:42 – Jon talks about the misconceptions of training and trainers on social media. So many people are posting unrealistic images and exercises that are just ploys to get more followers, but these posts build up impractical expectations for the Average Joe about what they can do. Jamie says that social media is a good way to create positive connections, but there is also an expectation that every post has to be perfect.

37:15 – Mahdi believes in posting your failures and just real-life events that you feel like posting. Your social media feed does not have to be curated and groomed to please anyone.

38:59 – Jon says that if you have any inclination to get more active, you should reach out to a close friend or family member

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