The Project: Kuwait

البحث عن النجاح من خلال عالم "الكروس فت" مع بدر الخميس Bader Al Khamees Finding Success Through Elite Training (English and Arabic)

March 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 33
The Project: Kuwait
البحث عن النجاح من خلال عالم "الكروس فت" مع بدر الخميس Bader Al Khamees Finding Success Through Elite Training (English and Arabic)
The Project: Kuwait
البحث عن النجاح من خلال عالم "الكروس فت" مع بدر الخميس Bader Al Khamees Finding Success Through Elite Training (English and Arabic)
Mar 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 33
Mahdi A loun, Liam Glynn, Bader AL Khamees
Liam and Mahdi are joined by Bader Khamees for this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. Bader started out as a serious weight lifter and bodybuilder, but has transitioned to CrossFit in recent years. He describes what he has learned through the various courses he has taken and camps he has attended. بدر ابتدا مشواره في الرياضي في ممارسة رياضة الحديد وكمال الأجسام، لكن في السنوات الاخيرة انتقل الى عالم الكروسفت، حيث قام بتطوير نفسه بحضور العديد من الدورات المعتمدة والمشاركة في المعسكرات الخارجية مثل اوكرانيا والصين. في هذه الحلقة بدر الخميس ينقل لنا تجربته والخبرة اللي اكتسبها من خلال هذه الدورات والمعسكرات.
Show Notes

Time Stamps:

1:41 – Mahdi explains how he first met Liam and what made them want to work together on this podcast.

3:28 – Bader’s interest in fitness began when he was in high school and he aspired to be like the guys in the Arabic World of Sports magazine. He saved up to purchase himself some home gym equipment because he was not old enough to go to the gyms in Kuwait and he practiced the exercises from the magazine. Mahdi describes how he remembers gyms being at that time: filled with old school bodybuilders.

6:25 – When Bader was 17 ½, he asked the manager at a local gym if he could work out there even though he wasn’t 18, and that was when he really started weight lifting seriously and even getting into body building.

9:33 – Several years later, one of Bader’s friends asked him why he hadn’t gotten into CrossFit and suggested that they go to his gym so Bader could see what it was like. After that first workout, Bader got the passion for CrossFit and he has been involved ever since. His previous objections about the risk of injury came to rest when he realized that smart programming can reduce injury as much as anything else.

13:48 – Now a few years into CrossFit, Bader recognizes the benefits of the mobility and flexibility that are developed through CrossFit and the awareness of how the body is supposed to function during certain workouts. Mahdi mentions the fact that people do or don’t do things based on the perception quite often; for example, elite bodybuilders have been doing deadlifts and squats for a long time, but mainstream athletes had refrained until recently because of their fear of injury. Liam agrees that people find reasons not to do things and listen to the recommendations of those around them.

16:27 – In November 2018, Bader competed in the Battle of the East, and he talks about his training regimen leading up to that competition as well as difficulties that he was having with his mobility. In June 2016, he joined Icon Athlete, which really helped him get serious about his workouts. He then started taking courses as well as teaching some, becoming full participative with the culture and mindset.

20:14 – Bader attended an Olympic weightlifting camp in Ukraine so that he could understand the “how” and “why” of bodybuilding exercises and become more effective for the benefit of himself and others.

25:40 – From this experience, Bader became aware of some things he needed to adjust before the Battle of the East competition, but it mainly came down to stripping away the ego and putting in the work to improve. During that 6 month period, he took a 3 month break from weight lifting so he could focus on his technique, and it worked. He also worked on his gymnastics and strongman training during that time, which served him well.

29:00 – Bader agrees with Mahdi and Liam that moving strongman objects is easy if you know the right way to do it, which was affirmed by the strongman course he took. Liam emphasizes the importance of using the right muscles, and Mahdi brings up the importance of using your body in the right way.

32:29 – Bader talks about the practicality and functionality of strongman exercises in everyday life.

34:20 – In terms of gymnastics, Bader has seen many people watch moves on YouTube and start doing them in their workouts without knowing if they are really doing them properly. This can do a lot of damage to the body, as well as doing the right exercises but not providing yourself with enough rest time. Bader has also taken a course in gymnastics, which has been very helpful to his CrossFit and other training.

37:00 – In preparation for his competition, Bader focused on conditioning for the programming of the competition and did not try to build muscle. In the last few weeks befor

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