Insatiable with Ali Shapiro, MSOD, CHHC

255. Values-Gap Driven Body Discomfort

December 28, 2022 Ali Shapiro, MS, CHHC Season 13 Episode 6
Insatiable with Ali Shapiro, MSOD, CHHC
255. Values-Gap Driven Body Discomfort
Show Notes

When I surveyed my newsletter readers back In the April, a common survey response theme was:

“I feel uncomfortable in my body and feel ridiculous that I am focused on this when there is so much else that is so much more important to deal with.”

I sooo get this. I felt this way about my own weight struggles in the 9/11, U.S. invasion of Iraq-era. And today’s world issues feel much more urgent and complex.

Yet what I’ve discovered is that tending to our body discomfort is not ridiculous. With a holistic and root cause resolution approach like Truce with Food, our body discomfort reveals a values gap of what we say matters and what how we are actually living. And this values gap matters deeply right now. 

Collectively, we understand “normal” isn’t working; “bottom up” changes in how we spend our time, money, and energy matter if we want to create a new, healthier normal.
To illustrate what this values-gap driven body discomfort looks like to work through, my Truce with Food clients Charlotta and Margaret Louise are here to share their journey of self-authoring their values for more psychological safety and a radically different relationship to food and themselves. 


In today’s episode, we discuss:

  1. A deeper understanding of how to embody safety to increase resilience and decrease out of control eating.
  2. How systems like capitalism and patriarchy, which value control, unknowingly molded our collective values and the personal values each of us had to change.
  3. An alternative definition of valuing discipline (that isn’t about control) to change our food habits and life.
  4. The new values that replaced perfectionism, hyper-productivity, “faster, better”, and trying to do everything on our own.
  5. How this values revolution evolved the stories that were driving our stress and body discomfort and led to better food choices, a more sacred relationship with our bodies, and more fulfillment. 


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