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My Spiritual Journey



Welcome, dear listeners. My name is Geoff, and thank you for listening to this trailer for a series of 5 episodes of my spiritual life called: MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. This journey spans over 70 years. 

In this first episode, titled “A Ghostly Visitation,” I explore my formative years, where the seeds of my spiritual quest were first sown.

At the tender age of 14, a heart-wrenching event shattered my world. When my closest friend departed this realm, only to return in a supernatural visitation.

In the second episode, we delve deeper into the abyss with “The Dark Knight of the Soul.” This spellbinding chapter recounts the tumultuous phase of my life, marked by a profound breakdown in every facet of my existence. The excruciating agony that consumed me left me with a life-altering choice between life and death itself. 

I embarked on a six-month spiritual ritual, facing unimaginable challenges, while my Kundalini, that enigmatic force, began to stir within me.

Now in the third episode, “Rebirthing and Kundalini Experiences” lie two monumental episodes of my journey. Witness the astonishing moment when I journeyed back to my mother's womb, releasing a torrent of inherited negative energy from my mother.

But that's not all. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring awakening of the Kundalini, a force that shook my being and triggered a cascade of mind-boggling spiritual experiences, affecting even those closest to me. However, I must caution that this chapter contains some content of a sexual nature due to the Kundalini's awakening.

The fourth episode, “My Trips to India,” promises an adventure as I guide you through my life-altering sojourn, to the mystical land of India. Four years after the awakening of my Kundalini, my quest for higher awareness led me there, where I encountered my spiritual mentor.

Join me as I recount the incredible encounters and lessons learned during my 16 transformative visits to this sacred land.

I will also unveil the startling truth behind a sudden 95 percent disconnection from my spirituality, an event that left me profoundly changed.

Finally, we arrive at the climactic fifth chapter, aptly titled “The Night the Devil Whispered in My Ear.” This pivotal experience, which reshaped the essence of my existence, is the driving force behind these podcasts of my spiritual journey. Without this experience, I would definitely not be doing these podcasts.

Prepare to be astonished as I recount the profound encounter that forever altered the course of my life. Since that fateful night, I have never been the same. Perpetually propelled on this inspiring new spiritual path.

For months, I grappled with a profound inner dilemma, torn between the choice of divulging my experiences or keeping them concealed.

Ultimately, the decision to share my narrative emerged victorious.

Now I invite you to embark on this voyage of discovery with me. I do not demand that you accept my words, but I earnestly implore you to approach them with an open mind.

 In forthcoming installments, I will delve even deeper into these enthralling subjects, addressing your burning questions with meticulous detail.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Subscribe now, and together, let's explore the mysteries of the soul.