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Experience Design with Tony Daussat

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How design impacts the way we experience products, brands, services, and our everyday lives. You'll gain actionable insights from host Tony Daussat through thought provoking solo shows, as-well-as interviews with experts in design, leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship. From UX, product, industrial and service design, to career, life, and business design--no stone will be left unturned in this quest to demystify design and inspire the inner creative in us all to stay curious.

Recent Episodes

How To Transition Into UX With No Portfolio (w/ David O. Andersen)June 11, 2019 Episode artwork Designer Pet Peeves and Pit-Falls (w/ 'Burn your Portfolio' author, Michael Janda)June 04, 2019 Episode artwork Curiosity Killed No CatMay 28, 2019 Episode artwork Design Your Pathway to Success (w/ 'Pathways to Success' podcast host Julian Placino)May 21, 2019 Episode artwork The UX of Interior Design (w/ Interior Designer and Photographer Katie Lamb) May 14, 2019 Episode artwork Design Your Goals in High DefinitionMay 07, 2019 Episode artwork Seek to Understand Before Being Understood (w/ Cariloop Chief Empathy Officer, Jason Osburn)April 30, 2019 Episode artwork What Not To Do When Running a Design Agency (w/ Dialexa's Chief Creative Officer, Steven Ray)April 23, 2019 Episode artwork The Infinite Power of "No"April 16, 2019 Episode artwork UI, UX, XD...Oh My! (w/ Design Strategist, Ryan Marshall)April 09, 2019 Episode artwork We're All Designers (w/ VP of Products at RewardStyle Ben Newell)April 02, 2019 Episode artwork Addictive Design: Don't Listen to This EpisodeMarch 26, 2019 Episode artwork The Importance of Ethical Design (w/ USAA Design Director Jon Sandruck)March 19, 2019 Episode artwork Bad Meetings are a Choice (w/ 'Meeting Design' author Kevin M. Hoffman)March 12, 2019 Episode artwork Imposter Syndrome: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the IgnoranceMarch 05, 2019 Episode artwork Turn Down the Ego, Turn Up the Curiosity (w/ Mr. Cooper VP of Product Design Greg Flory)February 26, 2019 Episode artwork Self Actualization (w/ Precocity Director of UX Brandon Ward)February 19, 2019 Episode artwork The Design Innovation FallacyFebruary 12, 2019 Episode artwork Design Thinking + Be More Human (w/ Southwest Airlines Designer Adrienne Guillory)February 05, 2019 Episode artwork Accessibility: the Anti-Buzzword (w/ Design Accessibility Specialist Kristin Patterson)January 29, 2019 Episode artwork Design a Better MondayJanuary 22, 2019 Episode artwork Usability, Research and... Board Games? (w/ Design Researcher John Sarmiento)January 15, 2019 Episode artwork From IA to AI (w/ Design Strategist Adam Polansky)January 08, 2019 Episode artwork Introduction: What is XD (Experience Design)?December 19, 2018 Episode artwork

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