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Thriving with Arthritis

Dr. Diana Girnita MD, PhD

Welcome to "Thriving with Arthritis," the podcast that dives deep into the world of arthritis and autoimmune diseases. Hosted by Dr. Diana Girnita, a rheumatologist with over 20 years of research and clinical experience, this podcast is your go-to resource for understanding and managing conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, lupus, Sjogren disease and so much more.

Each episode of "Thriving with Arthritis" is packed with valuable insights, actionable strategies, and the latest advancements in lifestyle and treatment options. We explore integrative medicine approaches, including the scientific evidence behind dietary recommendations, mindfulness practices, exercise routines, and sleep strategies to help you thrive despite the challenges of arthritis.

Join me as I bring on experts in rheumatology, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness to share their knowledge and expertise. We'll discuss cutting-edge research, new medications on the market, and the risks and benefits associated with different treatment options. I'll also provide updates on the newest advances in the field of rheumatology as they emerge, ensuring you stay informed and empowered on your journey. You will hear the stories and challenges of real patients. 

In addition to discussing treatment options, we'll focus on managing chronic pain, preventing complications, and sharing practical tips for everyday life. 

From navigating the healthcare system to connecting with others who understand your journey, "Thriving with Arthritis" covers it all.

Whether you're newly diagnosed or have been living with arthritis for years, this podcast is here to support you every step of the way. Tune in to "Thriving with Arthritis" and discover how to live your best life despite the challenges of arthritis.