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David Greenspan

Disrupting the sheep mentality one day at a time, David Greenspan is the host of The MindShare PodCast. A proud Member of the Industry Syndicate. He will poke, provoke, and make you laugh. The Real Estate industry has some highly successful people, a whole bunch of people who will never make it, and the people who have what it takes and want to go next level. The MindShare podcast is here to help all 3 of these Groups. This is straight talk, tips, and training on how to make your Real Estate business a success. David is a marketing strategist who will tell you how to actually implement that new tool, how to make it work for you and your budget, and how to build #MindShare. This is real. Blunt. No fluff. This is The MindShare Podcast.#MindShare101 Credit to our Sponsor: KiTS Keep-in-Touch SystemsThe MindShare Podcast is a Founding Member of The Industry Syndicate Media Network

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