The MindShare Podcast

Coming Up for Air. What I've learned from PodCasting over the past 22 Weeks.

May 10, 2019 Season 1 Episode 22
The MindShare Podcast
Coming Up for Air. What I've learned from PodCasting over the past 22 Weeks.
The MindShare Podcast
Coming Up for Air. What I've learned from PodCasting over the past 22 Weeks.
May 10, 2019 Season 1 Episode 22
David Greenspan
What I've learned from PodCasting over the past 22 Weeks,
Show Notes

Go figure, it's already been 22 Weeks since I started The MindShare PodCast, and I can proudly say that I have executed releasing 1 PodCast per week consistently over the past 22 Weeks. That alone is its own challenge.

In fact Time Management is a challenge for us all. So it comes down to how structured are we going to be, what kind of plan are we going to have, how are we going to make it all come to life. 

What's also really cool about all of this, is that not only I am working hard to put out valuable content for you with a goal of you learning something, but this content that is being created is also helping me learn and get better at what I do. I mean, what a perfect combination. It's a win win!

In this Episode I am doing a quick review of all of that learning from who my guests were to what we talked about, how you can apply it, how I have applied it. And straight up, I did not expect it to hit the 40min mark, but hey not only does time fly when you're having fun, but there was simply so much value that I wanted to share here, and I have to say I am jacked for how this one turned out.

Highlights of some of my Guests and their Topics:

Katie Lance – Organic Social Media Marketig, we don’t need to spend a ton of money to make it work, we just need a plan.

Danny Wood – Top Tech Tools…he gave us a list of Apps that he recommends…some are great, all have a purpose, but not all of them are useful to everyone. Use what works for you, not what others tell you to use.

Anthony Brown – he shares how he achieved top 1% status after being completely paralyzed on 1 side of his body. What a story!

Justin Konikow – explains how to be consistent with content creation and delivery, and in this case we focus on Video.

Kelley Skar – we talked Podcasting, and he tells it like it is, saying "if you’re not ready, or are not going to be consistent, stay away".

Industry Syndicate Round Table  – this was 5 top marketing minds at 1 table, talking about how to build your brand in today’s world.

Alysha McLean – she shared how to come up with social media content to grow your business.

Tim JP Collins – joined me to talk website strategies and what makes the online lead funnel really come to life.

Kathleen Black – we discussed the art of Real Estate Teams, and how to achieve success in the Team environment.

I also shared what I've learned in my own shoes from hosting this PodCast, and what I have done to remain consistent, and continue to execute, so that it didn't turn out to be an idea once upon a time, or a "ya I tried it...but" that it actually becomes part of who I am, and how my brand is represented. I even tell you exactly how I started, and what tools to use to make it come to life. Just thinking about it, isn't enough. So the road map is right here for you.

My goal is to always help you build more #MindShare, because the more you do that, the more Market Share you earn. 

Leverage all 7 ways to communicate every single day. Provide as much value as you possibly can, help as many people as you possibly can, sprinkle as much mindshare as you possibly can, and then get up, and do it all over again tomorrow. 

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