The MindShare Podcast

How to be Happy with Special Guest Katie Clancy

October 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 44
The MindShare Podcast
How to be Happy with Special Guest Katie Clancy
The MindShare Podcast
How to be Happy with Special Guest Katie Clancy
Oct 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 44
David Greenspan
How to be Happy
Show Notes

We know that there is what we like to call the 80/20 rule. 80% of the people don’t do much, and the other 20% do 80% of the business or more. 

Most of the time, I believe although maybe deeper rooted, that some people are just not cut out for this business and truly don’t know what it means to get out there and do the things they are supposed to be doing every day. 

And in many cases as people are looking to support their families, this business, and not having the right plans for each day, can totally kick the $hit out of people mentally. Leading to even more issues. 

This all comes down to process as you will hear us talk more about. Instead of waking up everyday looking for a deal, we should be waking up asking ourselves how we can help others achieve what they want. This in turn, leads us getting what we want. 

But we cannot do it to achieve anything except for genuinely helping others. 

We also need to end our day being grateful for all that we accomplished, all the help we provided, and all the good that happened to us in a day. 

It is just too easy to dwell on the negative, and let the bad stuff control our thoughts.

On this Episode I am joined by a person who absolutely inspires me. She has a tell it like it is someone else we both know (, and she speaks from the heart. She is real. She shares her story, and teaches others how to be better in their everyday. 

I've watched her on stage multiple times, I have sat and had lunch with her, we share a similar circle of friends, and today I have the pleasure of having her join me here on The MindShare PodCast.

Delivering with pure passion, I am joined by the happiest person in Real Estate, the one and only Katie Clancy.

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