The MindShare Podcast

This is How You Dominate 2020!

January 03, 2020 Season 2 Episode 56
The MindShare Podcast
This is How You Dominate 2020!
The MindShare Podcast
This is How You Dominate 2020!
Jan 03, 2020 Season 2 Episode 56
David Greenspan
This is How You Dominate 2020!
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2 of The MindShare PodCast!

Happy New Year everyone! We did it. We survived Season 1 and are now back for a whole new season with new content and new guests, all here on the show for 1 reason, and that is to help you build more MindShare, because MindShare = Market Share!

Since the hot topic right now is all about New Years Resolutions...what everyone's going to achieve, how you're going to lose weight, quit smoking, or even be a better version of yourself...whatever it is you're looking to have success at... I recorded this episode with all of that in mind. 

It’s said that 80% of people will fail at achieving these resolutions within the first 6 weeks of the year. Side note, that’s why the MindShare Challenge runs for 8 Weeks. And we also know that 27% will fail within the first week, and 50% within the first month. 

Bottom line, more than half of people fail. 

You don’t want to be those people do you?

Assuming you do not, then here is a 3 Step Plan to help you achieve success this year. This is your plan to dominate 2020 - 

Step 1 – Set the Goals, Create the Resolutions. 
Step 2 – Manage Time so you can get it all done
Step 3 – Consistency. Plans are boring, habits can be too, the same old is just that…the same old, so consistency is hard, and in fact becomes the hardest part of the whole process. 

Tune in to this first Episode of Season 2 as we tackle each Step in more detail.

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All the info about the Challenge can be found there. This is an interactive gamified group learning experience that is going to hold you accountable, and set you up to dominate your spring market.

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