Muscles and Management

Episode #64 The Science of Acceleration and Sprinting with Ken Clark

March 18, 2020 Gerry DeFilippo Season 2 Episode 64
Muscles and Management
Episode #64 The Science of Acceleration and Sprinting with Ken Clark
Show Notes


In this episode, Gerry welcomes on speed and sprint coach Ken Clark to discuss everything you need to know when it comes to acceleration and speed.

To start, Gerry has Ken walk the listener through the importance of striking under or slightly behind the hip when making ground contact during acceleration. Ken addresses the need for proper ground contact and the ramifications improper positioning can have when it comes to striking the ground during acceleration.

From there, the conversation turns focus to the tendency of young athletes to "rush," out of acceleration and how proper acceleration can set up for successful sprinting later on in top speed. The two then address proper acceleration mechanics and things to know when looking at mechanics for different sized athletes.

To finish, Ken discusses his use of resisted sprinting, implores coaches to not be concerned with resistance "ruining," mechanics and the studies that back up the application of loads when it comes to acceleration and improving speed.

All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!

Show Timestamps:

7:45 - Importance of Acceleration and Getting Behind the Center of Mass

10:45 - Explaining Complex Things to Athletes Properly

15:45 - Drills for Acceleration

19:30 - False Acceleration Angles (Posture)

23:00 - Popping Up Too Early & Causes

32:12 - Impact of Size in Sprinting

34:30 - Tyson Gay & Usain Bolt Comparison

40:20 - The Idea of “Quick Feet”

44:45 - 60’s in Baseball

52:55 - Polarization Caused by Social Media

54:10 - Resistance Sprinting

1:05:00 - Contrast Work with Sleds

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