Muscles and Management

Episode #149 How We "Made Gerry Ripped Again," with Julian LoCasto

April 21, 2021 Gerry DeFilippo Season 3 Episode 149
Muscles and Management
Episode #149 How We "Made Gerry Ripped Again," with Julian LoCasto
Show Notes


In this episode, Julian Lo Casto is back on the show to detail the ENTIRE process of the project known as "Make Gerry Ripped Again."

To start, Gerry brings the listener through the past few years of his life and some of the habitual changes that occurred that have altered his diet and unfortunately led him to lose control of his physique and weight.

From there, Julian hits on some common topics such as losing weight the "right," way vs. a rushed fad diet and the implications that can have for long term success. Additionally, the conversation turns to protein intake and how high level protein intake can be a major piece of a successful nutritional program.

To finish up, Julian and Gerry bounce in and out of what went into Gerry's journey losing roughly 45 pounds over the past 6 months and the learning points the listeners can take for their own nutrition journey and the nutritional programming of athletes they may coach.

All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!

Episode Timestamps

2:48 - Julian Introduction

5:10 - Summary of Gerry’s Weight Journey

11:40 - Losing Weight the Wrong Way & Meal Frequency

15:15 - How Losing Weight and Protein Go Together

22:00 - Freedom of Choice

27:00 - Challenges for Normal People

36:00 - Common Issues During a “diet”

42:50 - Issue of All or Nothing Mentality

51:30 - Falling out of Love Lifting

1:00:10 - Enjoying the Process

1:04:15 - Knowing How to Count Macros Is Just the Beginning

1:09:30 - Closing Thoughts

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