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Leonard Toenjes

This podcast provides information about the construction industry in Missouri. Interviews are presented from construction industry leaders and various building, highway, heavy, and infrastructure related experts.
Mandatory retirement program, John Biedenstein from Correct Capital discusses who is affected and how the AGCMO MEP provides a worthwhile alternative. November 09, 2022 Episode artwork Nalini Mahadevan, MLO Law LLC describes various challenges and opportunities related to the immigrant community and workforce.October 31, 2022 Episode artwork MO One Call System operations and planned improvements are described by Randy Norden, Executive Director.October 07, 2022 Episode artwork Construction technology and the upcoming Design in Construction and Technology Conference are discussed with G. Scott Green, Tarlton Corporation and Alex Belkofer, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.September 15, 2022 Episode artwork Annie Herman, Assistant Division Director of Reentry/Education and Alex Earls, Reentry Programs Administrator from the Missouri Department of Corrections describe training and placement services available to help meet current workforce needs.August 19, 2022 Episode artwork The AGCMO PAC activities are discussed with Denise Hasty, CAE, Vice President of Advocacy and Public Relations for AGCMOJuly 21, 2022 Episode artwork Vivian Martain, Civil Rights Compliance Manager, explains the programs that earned the AGC of America 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Award for Millstone Weber LLC.June 07, 2022 Episode artwork Construction company succession planning options are reviewed by Kirk Tebo, VP Retirement for Principal and John Biedenstein, Correct Capital Wealth Management.April 29, 2022 Episode artwork Women of STEEL is described by Amanda Bohnert, Chief Marketing Officer for S.M. Wilson and Co. and Katey Twehous, Marketing Manager for Twehous Excavating Company Inc.April 18, 2022 Episode artwork Jobs.MO.gov services for employers to help find employees are described by Jerri Bowles, Customer Support Unit Manager for the State of Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development.March 24, 2022 Episode artwork AIA St. Louis 2022 President Sheila Miranda (CORE10 Architecture) and AIA St. Louis 2021 President Geoffrey Vaughn (ACI Boland Architects) talk about opportunities and challenges in architecture.February 18, 2022 Episode artwork Steve Sellenriek of Sellenriek Construction describes the current situation and upcoming activities in the utility / infrastructure marketplace.January 20, 2022 Episode artwork Tracy Hart, President of Tarlton Corporation, talks about her construction industry history and challenges ahead.January 03, 2022 Episode artwork Anna Hui, Director of the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations describes the work and services of this important state agency.December 17, 2021 Episode artwork John Biedenstein, AIF, CPA and Colin Day, MBA, CRC from Correct Capital discuss changes in Social Security statements and various 401(k) issues. November 29, 2021 Episode artwork Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District current and future projects are outlined by Brian Hoelscher P.E., Executive director and Chief Executive Officer.November 18, 2021 Episode artwork Aspects of the current vehicle shortage are discussed with Tim Warren and Broc McGuire of Enterprise Fleet Management.October 27, 2021 Episode artwork Federal Vaccination Issues and Infrastructure Funding updates from Steve Sandherr, CEO of AGC of America.October 14, 2021 Episode artwork Milwaukee Tools Josh Marchok, One-Key Product Manager describes advances in tool technology both now and into the future.August 20, 2021 Episode artwork The Mississippi Valley Branch AGC works hard to keep our U.S. economy moving forward as described by Stephen Gambrell, Executive VP.August 17, 2021 Episode artwork The Role of a City Manager and upcoming work in Springfield MO are described by Jason Gage, City Manager.July 27, 2021 Episode artwork Construction materials cost increases and delivery delays are described by Len Toenjes, AGC of Missouri President.June 18, 2021 Episode artwork Chris Krieg, Chief Construction Officer at Russell HBD, discusses the importance of company culture for positive growth.June 08, 2021 Episode artwork Matt Morrow, President of the Springfield MO Area Chamber of Commerce talks about the positive future ahead.June 01, 2021 Episode artwork Hiring and staffing challenges and opportunities are discussed with Kimberly Vissak from Build A Team Consultants.May 25, 2021 Episode artwork