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Turned On Podcast

Angelike and David Norrie

We know what it’s like to tune out, so now it’s time to TURN ON, because despite all the modern luxuries of life, more and more people are claiming to feel unfulfilled, uninspired or alone. Why, if we're so connected, do we feel farther apart? As a society, we’ve been entertained and shown a million ways we can tune out; social media, gaming, virtual reality, binge watching among a few. We’ve been lulled to sleep by things which are more artificial than actual.The side effect of this amazing technological advancement we’re living through is that, despite all the advancements, we’re still left wanting more; more connection, more relationship and more meaning, especially when it comes to The Big Four (Faith, Being, Relationships, and Business). Being turned on means more interaction, more tangible experiences and renewing the rediscovery of the gifts we’re given and knowing how to use them.Being TURNED ON is to see with different eyes. It means breaking the dullness and darkness with light. On this podcast you will hear from David and Angelike as they openly share their ideas about how to flip the switches that get us back to feeling human again. They will shine a light into things that MATTER and TURN ON everything that has been disconnected or tuned out.We believe the world is looking to be Turned On, even those who may be so sedated they don’t even know it. Indeed there’s a stirring in the soul to uncover more of what it means to reconnect with our senses. It’s not out of reach, in fact most of the time it’s a simple flip of the switch which allows us to incorporate the necessary changes that will get our pulse beating again and create real transformation that leaves a true, not temporary, sense of fulfillment.

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