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Ep: 013 - Overcoming Adversity - Beyond the Gridiron Glory with Andre Wadsworth

July 15, 2019 Season 1 Episode 13
Turned On Podcast
Ep: 013 - Overcoming Adversity - Beyond the Gridiron Glory with Andre Wadsworth
Turned On Podcast
Ep: 013 - Overcoming Adversity - Beyond the Gridiron Glory with Andre Wadsworth
Jul 15, 2019 Season 1 Episode 13
Andre Wadsworth interviewed by Angelike and David Norrie
Former NFL star Andre Wadsworth shares his story of glory and overcoming adversity on and off the field.
Show Notes

Andre Wadsworth has always let his actions speak loudest. He went from playing for the smallest high school in the state of Florida to walking on at one of the nation's top programs at Florida State. In his senior season (1997), he led the ACC with 18 sacks, earning Player of the Year honors and was named a consensus All-American as well as being an Outland Award and Lombardi Trophy finalist. 

At 280 pounds, with a 500 pound bench press and 690 pound squat, he was a menace to opposing defenses and became the Seminoles highest draft pick when the Arizona Cardinals selected him with the 3rd overall pick in 1998. In his rookie season, Andre played in 18 games (including preseason) finishing with 7.0 sacks and 62 tackles but over the next five years of his career he would endure 17 surgeries, including four microfracture procedures on his knees and two torn Achilles tendons.

That is where his story really begins. Andre's is a story of a man who has always managed to see the brighter side of life and one who has managed to stay focused on a higher calling facing adversity outside the lines as well. In this episode he speaks of overcoming the loss of family and getting through tough times in business as well as his days on the field.

From growing up as the youngest of seven children on the tiny island of St. Croix to graduating cum laude with a business degree from Florida State University and raising four girls, in this episode of Turned On you'll hear Andre's heartfelt testimony that speaks to the power of mentorship, family and the Holy Spirit. 

  • Andre's "lightbulb" moment -  A miraculous healing of his dad’s sickness
  • On being the 3rd overall pick in the NFL draft and the Arizona Cardinals
  • How he faced injury and setbacks at the height of his career
  • How a team bible study turned into church planting
  • Current rock bottom moments in family & marriage
  • Relational Equity
  • An amazing story about his father's death and their last phone call
  • Listening to God’s voice
  • Breaking generational curses
  • In the midst of trial, there is always hope
  • Moments of personal glory are just moments compared to eternity
  • Being a part of a church and a city
  • The healing that talking it out brings
  • Coming to grips with the end of a marriage and finding healing
  • Happiness vs Holiness 
  • Raising children in today’s world and how to be present as a father
  • Owning your trials and moving forward

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