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Ep: 023 - "Adjust" your life to "Align" with your God given gifts with Dr David Touhill

September 04, 2019 Season 1 Episode 23
Turned On Podcast
Ep: 023 - "Adjust" your life to "Align" with your God given gifts with Dr David Touhill
Turned On Podcast
Ep: 023 - "Adjust" your life to "Align" with your God given gifts with Dr David Touhill
Sep 04, 2019 Season 1 Episode 23
Dr David Touhill with Angelike and David Norrie
Chiropractor turned entrepreneur shares how to adjust your life to align with your God given gifts
Show Notes
  • From Doctor to digital marketing entrepreneur
  • How Going through school was just the thing that you did
  • Pivotal moment of intense fear of what was going to come after school and graduating
  • What world/family tells you to do vs. what I want to do/God gifted you to do 
  • How studying to be a doctor has paid off in ways he never anticipated, even though he is not practicing
  • Do not look back with regret. Experience is the greatest teacher.
  • Disruption of divine order- hanging out with successful people in business but had issues in other areas of life (relationships, etc)
  • Your actions everyday are a reflection of the vision you have for your life. Really taking time in the morning to meditate and pray about what God’s mission and vision is for your life
  • Visualization in the morning & how that helped him gain clarity
  • Knowing who you are & God’s ability to move things when you are in alignment with him. Understanding what your unique gifts are
  • Seek wise counsel from people who have similar gifts. Find someone local to model after
  • Managing discernment with expanding your circle of influence

Dr. David Touhill

Influencer Product and Marketing Strategist

Dr. David started out as a young marketing director in the greater New York City area, successfully acquiring wealth management clients with an average net worth of ten million dollars. His position there taught him the importance of having sound judgement and a robust business and marketing strategy when running a successful multi million-dollar business. While acquiring his doctorate degree, he built a private marketing firm that worked directly with CEO's of multi-million-dollar natural health and wellness centers to scale office systems, establish branding, and building effective Facebook and SEO marketing programs. During this time, Dr. David managed over $500,000 in marketing ad spend for over 40 separate businesses. He took this experience into the influencer marketing space in 2014, building health-based online educational programs, memberships and launch strategies specifically through website development, sales funnels, social media and digital marketing processes.

He  is an innovative product and marketing strategist, bridging the gap between the vision and the strategic plan, designing specific products and processes that are scalable, providing long term revenue and growth.


Digital Marketing(Facebook Ads, SEO, Email, Product Launches)

Executive Leadership

Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Operations Development

Branding and Visual Designs

Dr. David has worked with influencers including: Dr. Josh Axe, Jordan Rubin of Ancient Nutrition, Mckel Hill of Nutrition Stripped, Patrick Gentempo, Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson, Mr. Universe - Dr. Chris Zaino, Boston Celtics Surgeon Dr. Ethan Kellum, and many others. He is passionate about working with brands that have a powerful purpose to help others, and creates strategies that help them go from good to great.


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