Turned On Podcast

Ep. 031: Love Should Not Be a Battlefield with John and Samantha Commins

November 03, 2019 Season 1 Episode 31
Turned On Podcast
Ep. 031: Love Should Not Be a Battlefield with John and Samantha Commins
Turned On Podcast
Ep. 031: Love Should Not Be a Battlefield with John and Samantha Commins
Nov 03, 2019 Season 1 Episode 31
John and Samantha Commins with Angelike and David Norrie
John and Samantha Commins share their story on how John's return home from combat opened their eyes to a giant void to our veteran families
Show Notes
  • What they realized veteran couples experience when the spouse is deployed
  • Saying goodbye to go overseas was a light bulb moment that made John realize he was not working within his calling
  • During his experience while Face-Timing his pregnant wife, his bunks were bombed. 
  • Coming home and trying to return to reality, yet at night he is tormented mentally by the memories 
  •  Discovering that other soldiers are experiencing the same thing and felt he needed to uncover what was "wrong"
  • Coping with mental health and a PTSD  diagnosis
  • How something he experienced exposed a side of the recovery process that was doing a gross disservice to our veterans 
  • What can we do to transform the lives of veterans after their "war"
  • PTSD is a response, not a disease 
  • Things the Come Home Project is embarking on to help couples restore their lives after physical and mental trauma
  • John and Samantha are experienced in the reality of the response and they want to teach people how to interact with each other again. 
  • They strive to keep the same happiness they experience in their first homecoming by restoring their relationships
  • Attaching memories to the present and how that can affect your life on a daily basis
  • The Come Home Project - how fellowship with other couples is a great way to combat the life after the battlefield
  • Strengthening the Warrior-Spouse relationship. The last thing these soldiers should lose is their family after war
  • How you (listener) can help sponsor a family through this cause


The Come Home Project is a Marine Corps Veteran ran non-profit that strengthens the Warrior-Spouse relationship. 

Together John and Samantha are using their personal experiences to combat the problems that lead to divorce in military couples across the country.  The Come Home Project community is a space created by the Commins as a tool to help military members grow in their personal relationships before, during, and after service. 

Our mission is simple; bring happiness into the couples who deserve it the most, our Warrior-Spouse relationship. We provide an interactive online class, in person workshops, a yearly couples retreat (coming Summer of 2020), and are available as guest speakers. 


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