Best Night Ever!

The Science Of “Sleep-Hacking” With Tara Youngblood from ChiliPad

December 02, 2019 Dr Jay Khorsandi
Best Night Ever!
The Science Of “Sleep-Hacking” With Tara Youngblood from ChiliPad
Show Notes

Did you know that our sleep is controlled by temperature as much as it is by light? 
In this episode, Dr. K is back again to dive deep into sleep and how to get the most out of your time in bed. Join him as he explores the "how and the why of sleep" with fusion scientist Tara Youngblood who is the co-creator of the wildly popular Chilipad and Ooler. Tara has discovered the ”secret weapon” that past presidents, first ladies, health experts and celebrities use to up their own sleep game to expert level

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Tara found her career in the sleep industry
  • Her relationship to the creator of the waterbed mattress
  • Why is temperature regulation during sleep important from an evolutionary perspective
  • Why society is “waking up” to sleep
  • What's wrong with how we're sleeping in the modern world
  • The relationship between body temperature regulation and snoring and sleep apnea
  • How the optimal sleep room temp may not be the best for your sleep
  • Why cold exposure is getting popular these days (cold showers, cryo and even ice plunges)
  • What are the therapeutic benefits of "sleeping cold"
  • How sleeping cold can help with weight loss
  • The difference between the original Chilipad and the new Ooler
  • And more!!

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