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Stephanie McNeal

Once upon a time there was an angry woman. Every day she was scrutinized, ridiculed, harassed, and dismissed because of her emotional pain. One day she discovered that she wasn’t really angry but hurt, misunderstood, falsely depicted, and stereotyped. Because of this, she gave off false impressions, and the men in her life were left with the wrong ideas, they mistrusted her and were aggravated. As a result, her children and her family suffered until the woman was finally freed to love. Freed to love God. Freed to love herself. Freed to love her family and everyone else. She is able to obtain her freedom by simply embracing truth and simply letting go. Put simply - Freed to Forgive!Learning how to let it go. “It” could be a plethora of things - trauma, unforgiveness, blame, victimhood, etc. The freed part is about letting go of what is not yours and reclaiming your new! This is what the Freed 2 Love Podcast is about. The overarching goal is to promote understanding between men and women, facilitating reconciliation by harnessing the power of the woman’s influence. By discussing previously taboo topics and secret subjects such as infidelity, mental and emotional abuse, power, control and other topics that affect our mental and emotional health, we will identify and expose possible roots and entry points of issues that dramatically affect our communities. The aim is to destroy stereotypes and promote understanding and compassion. Each episode will explore the complexities of life in America. The hope is to help women realize their power and encourage them to use that power to heal their communities. We will address the woman holistically including ways to strengthen your body, spirit, and soul. When women are able to break free from these hindrances/encumbrances, you will be freed to love and be whole. Breaking free is the goal to create awareness and provide a vehicle for listeners to see yourselves. Every person will have their own journey and every podcast is a catalyst for you to speak your truth and tell your story.

Recent Episodes

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