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The My Practice My Business Dental Podcast

Robert Thorup, DDS

Welcome to The My Practice My Business Dental Podcast. I'm Dr. Rob Thorup, Clinical Director at MPMB. In our podcast shows we help dentists profit and thrive with excerpts from The Clinical Business of Dentistry Training here at MPMB.This podcast is dedicated to helping dentists and their teams reclaim forgotten profitability in dentistry, and to learn business skills specifically designed for dental practices. We look forward to your subscription, and we hope you let your colleagues know about our podcast. For more information on our GUARANTEED training, please visit us at and surf our website pages. Our mission statement is simple: We increase the monthly net revenue of dental practices with our key methods, tools, and training utilizing every day, need-based dentistry, even with PPO plans. And we teach you how to do it ethically, legally, and morally, adhering to contracts and state laws, so you can be paid fairly for the services you provide.

Recent Episodes

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