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Rawness of Reality

Kevin Stalker

One minute of an experience could shift someone’s whole reality. Those minutes in my life in which I have been changed forever, give me a sense of the rawness of reality. The rawness of our reality is an extremely beautiful concept. It is a collection of the encounters that encompass what it means to be human. Some examples of the rawness of reality are, sweating through a suit jacket, tripping over an untied shoelace, saying “I love you” too soon, looking at the stars, and speaking what is on your mind in the most uncut sense of expression. It is an essential concept in which all of us experience it. It’s the collection of scenarios that are raw, uncut, and real. Once you experience something to often it becomes normal. After it is normal, then it could be mundane and eventually boring. People have to continually shake things up and step out of their comfort zone in order to embrace the rawness of reality. Throughout time people begin to acknowledge that the uncut side of life is what makes life beautiful. The rawness of our reality is a concept that sheds light on what it is to be human.
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