Rawness of Reality

Creator of OOTW Creations - Rainclashh #022

February 20, 2020 Kevin Stalker Season 1 Episode 22
Rawness of Reality
Creator of OOTW Creations - Rainclashh #022
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In this episode, you have the opportunity to meet Rainclashh. Here is a brief introduction directly from Rainsclashh "My name is Anaeja and I have been creating art since I was a little girl. Art has always intrigued me since a young age because it gave me so much room and freedom to create what I wanted. Through OOTW creations, I am able to take my paint that I normally use on canvas, and transfer them over to clothing people can wear, and feel good in."

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spk_0:   0:00
Welcome. Top 0 to 2 for rawness of reality. I'm your host, Kevin Stocking, and in this episode you have the opportunity to meet Rain Clash. She's a painter, fashion designer and the creator of out of this world creations. She has showcased her work at various festivals, fashion shows and even on the news. And if you're into fashion, there is a fashion share coming up this weekend in Pittsburgh called Battle of the Beast. It's sponsored by Zedd's, and it'll be at Mr Smalls Theater from 7 to 11 p.m. Definitely don't miss out, but enough from me Here's rain clash

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Hi, My name's rain. I love making or with all mediums And I'm excited stock today

spk_0:   0:48
to start. We're just going to jump right into it. What even motivated you to pick up a paintbrush in the first place?

spk_1:   0:55
Uh, it this began like, back when I was, like, five. I remember as I d care, and I seen some of the older girls drawing and I like, fell in love with it. I was like, Okay, like, let me let me try to do that and I'm a visual in there. So whenever I seen how they were drawn, I would copy. And when I took my drawing home, I put on the floor because that, you know, like I'm new to um and my cousin turned around. She was like, Oh, my God, you could draw And I kind of, like, blew my head up a little bit. You had such a young age. So I just kept going, like, be in my room for hours. And my mom, I want creole. I want this. I want that. I want this marker. And I would keep going and keep going, like

spk_0:   1:36
and did your family support you?

spk_1:   1:37
Oh, for sure. Yeah. Once they see that I was in love with it and they seem that, like like, I was pretty good at it. They really definitely helped me, like, make sure like I was in programs to learn all the the proper equipment in the proper, you know, just, uh was a call it the, um the technical things of that. They make sure like I was clean. Like if if I drew like eyes or different features of, like, the faces my mom be like, go here and fix that like, that's not realistic and updated us. So it was. Sometimes it would be overbearing. But it did hope, like

spk_0:   2:15
that's funny that you say Ah, sometimes she would recommend you change the eyes. There's something to make it more realistic. And now you're the creator of O. T. W. And that stands for out of this world. Creations. Yes, Um, and everything you create is kind of out of this world, and it's awesome. It's unique. It's cool on. It has its own voice.

spk_1:   2:38
Thank you.

spk_0:   2:38
You're welcome. And it doesn't necessarily speak to realism, but it does speak to people. And could you talk a little bit about what out of this world creations is about and how you transition into being rain clash

spk_1:   2:53
well out of this role. I want people from all walks of life to be able to relate to my or when they see it, I want them to not just be like, Oh, that's cool. And then, like, turn back around, not turn around, but, like, just walk away and I want them to look at it and like, be drawn, and I want them to see the story. I want them to see the brush strokes. I want them to see, just like the effort that was put into it. I want them to see the manifestation I was put into it. I want hm to really, really see, like, this is this isn't just acrylic paint on a canvas is like it's more to it than that. So, yeah, that's basically

spk_0:   3:35
what it sounds like. Your heart and souls into your heart, then.

spk_1:   3:37
Yeah, I love it like I'm truly, truly in love with, Like what I do, I don't do it Just were like money and Exeter. Like, I want people to be touched by and also the brand. I want it to be versatile, too, because, like, there's so many different people here just don't earth. I don't want its people from only those specific route to be like, Oh, this is cool. But I feel like this doesn't speak to me. And I mean, like, you're going to have your people. We don't like your work, which is fine. But, um, I just still want people to feel a connection and know that, um, is it this is or to be shared?

spk_0:   4:15
Its awesome. Okay, So would that Art. How long does you do clothing and you do canvases well, So with the canvas A supposed to clothing? How long would each of those take depending on the piece

spk_1:   4:28
for canvas? If I'm doing oil paint, that can be like a week process because oil is like it's kind of tricky what we will paint because it takes so long to dry, ominous stick. And like usually, I use oil paint if I wanna use, like, make a realistic type of portrait. Maybe so. That'd be like a week long. While Kilic pain I could get one done in like like five hours because it drives pretty fast in. It's easier to to use as faras the clothes go. I feel like all the classes I took in all the different like programs I was, and it really helped me develop like a sturdy process so that I'm not just painting forever, so I could get like a jacket and a penance that done in like eight hours. If I'm really just some days like I truly, truly am like in love with it, I'll just sit there for eight our street and just paint and paint, and it's to the point where I'll forget. Like OK, look, let's take a break. Because I really like

spk_0:   5:28
you forget to eat and

spk_1:   5:31
snacks, like right next to me. Oh, but, um yeah, like it's I love it. Um, so I don't mind sitting there, just going at it for hours.

spk_0:   5:42
So eight hours. You're currently high school student right

spk_1:   5:46
now, do we?

spk_0:   5:47
Oh, congratulations on graduating. But you did start Ah, out of this world creations while you're in high school.

spk_1:   5:59
Yeah, I did. What

spk_0:   6:00
was that like? Some of our listeners are in high school, and I think it be cool for them to know what it was like to be in high school. Kind of expressing your creative. Um,

spk_1:   6:13
we'll definitely hope that the high school once who was in art school and there was a lot of creatives there, said that hope and there's a lot of support as well. I feel like with that, expressing herself in school is really nice to have a group of supporting people. And if it's not there, you just have to really develop your inner like support system because some people grasp or it is like, ah, lazy career, like you're not gonna make any money, etcetera, etcetera. But you have to turn that off because you could do anything. But, um, at first it was like a lot of pressure trying to do that and then my homework and et cetera, And I would fall behind sometimes and for old, really long time like I didn't I couldn't find a balance between doing my art and doing my work. So sometimes I just do my court, forget my homework like my grades would suffer from it. And you have to really, like, just find a set schedule. And just sometimes you do have two kind of suck it up, do the work and know that your crayons and workers are gonna be at home whenever you get there, A few truly, truly love you're going to make time for, and you're gonna have that time. I tried to really, really manifest this, though to where I could do it full time. I don't do it full time yet, but I that's the goal that I don't want it any other way s o. But you could've It's definitely achievable. Just don't wouldn't slack off like you just yeah, get your work down first for sure, because it's gonna feel better later.

spk_0:   7:45
Homework first. Yeah, hobbies later. But this isn't just a hobby for you. This is part of your life. This is

spk_1:   7:51
I feel like I wanted to do this, too, because I've had so much trauma in my life and I feel like it just was calling me like it wasn't just like a longboard I want to draw is like it's such a good releasing tool as well. Like it's very, very therapeutic for me as well, so

spk_0:   8:11
I can Ah, I can't relate to that in a way. Throughout my life, I was confronted with a lot of different trauma in and out of foster care and things like that. And as I got older, I didn't really have look creative outlet. I played sports and I was like to write. But writing has been one of those things where I'm able to dive into it, and I I can use the traumatic experiences in my past to kind of be a part of my heart now. And for me, it's it's really ah rewarding. Personally,

spk_1:   8:44
I agree. Don't we agree? Yeah, I like it because it's like OK, I found this healthy way to release this. I'm not making the same mistake as these other people have who put me through this trauma? Who? Where they're taking it out on me. So instead, I'm like, Okay, I'm finding like a productive way to do this. So it's like you said, It is very rewarding. So, like I understood that, like Holy, that's

spk_0:   9:09
cool. Could you talk a little bit about a Roussin show? I think you're a volunteer. It's called Purple Beats On and Brushes that

spk_1:   9:22
Unfortunately, I wish sounds rude, but I did forget her name was very brief, but she asked me, It's a home come in like paint people like some of their faces or their arms. Exeter like if they wanted a body.

spk_0:   9:35
Is this the person who is running?

spk_1:   9:37
Yeah, and hurt the goal for her. She wanted to bring awareness to, like different domestic violence situations and just just that type of topic and general bring light to it. She had people like share their stories, and she had different, like artists. Calm, too, because a lot of the artist there, they also were dealing with trauma, and that was their releasing, too. And she wanted to. I think highlight that. This is like you're not alone like this is there's outlets, you know, healthy outlet. So it was really cool. I met some cool people there. I painted thes 12 guys who are really, really sweet. It's always nice when ever like people are invested in your or and like, they love what you do to I love all the compliments, goes sometimes all down myself and be like, Okay, I got this. I thank you for reminding me. So I really love doing that.

spk_0:   10:32
So? So that event was located in Pittsburgh. Have you done any more events? Maybe not similar. But other events in Pittsburgh where you're able to paint on people or even showcase your

spk_1:   10:43
Yeah, I used to like whenever, because I first started based painting, lost 12 and I used to do can't like paint people on Community Day and brought dog. And it was really nice. I really enjoyed that. Seeing all the little like kids and stuff, they'd be so happy, and I also did at the social status there is like art show, and we got to the showcase our art and talk about ourselves. Just highlight in the youth in, like the underground artist that people don't really see all like that. So that was really a nice experience to have under my boat just to get more speaking about myself and you know my craft.

spk_0:   11:21
Do you? Ah, do you have any plans for this year for out of this world creations on what's next?

spk_1:   11:29
The goal is that this year that I can achieve working for myself full time. The goal is to get my website fully up and running, having like a decent stock up and to get at least like one celebrity client like really gunning produce pockets. Um, also, I have a few fashion shows coming up that I'm really excited for. Uh, I'm hoping that these ones, like, put me on the map. I wanna really, really, really like work or for this one. So this so that because not that the other one faded away in the distance or anything. But I just you never know who's there.

spk_0:   12:10
The was that the most recent fashion show that you were,

spk_1:   12:13

spk_0:   12:14
was produced by I think it was a 19 or 20 year old named Maya.

spk_1:   12:18
Yeah, my Yeah, she's awesome.

spk_0:   12:20
And what was the fashion show called? And what was kind of its goal?

spk_1:   12:24
Well, the goal for her, she heard the goal for her fashion show was, um, just bring also lights of the youth there. I like what she did because she combined, like music, music or and like, the fashion and whatnot until wine. So people could you know what everybody was like either, like 25 under, which was really, really nice because people need to see that young people like a bull like this. People think like we're a lazy generation or we have no motivation, but we do and not really like that. She brought that to light that, like these creatives, like we will agree, have something special Tissue to the world and,

spk_0:   13:02
well, that speaks volumes tohave a group of young people get together, create something together on their own. That really stands tall. Um, I looked into, like, a little bit about the show, and it looked like it was a really cool success. Looks like he has had a good time with it. And you want to do more fashion shows coming forward. Do you prefer to paint on canvas or paint on clothes?

spk_1:   13:27
I preferred a pain on clothes. Canvases are fragile canvases. It's like, Okay, you can look, but don't touch but close. You could feel it. You can wear it. You know, it's versatile. Pence shoes, hot sox except her. Like you could you literally paint anything, so I definitely prefer clothes.

spk_0:   13:47
And you most recently had some clothing items and another venue. It was something arcade I want to say. Yeah, and on head with handmade arcade. They had a little promotional going Where you, uh you had skirt. I want to say that was, like, broadcasted on the news. What was that like Just seeing like your work on the news.

spk_1:   14:12
I was like, some sounds like I forget. Like it happened. Like, I don't think I get myself another enough credit at times. And seeing that made me really believe in myself, more like Okay, we could do this like that was kind of needed that because, like when it happened, she was like, Oh, because I apply their cause for youth maker. We got, like, a free application, and they like this doesn't help you through it, which was really, really nice. And she's like, You ever just one picture stuff on a new, she said. All casually like like for us, I was like, Wow, that's so awesome Like I just felt incredibly like Home Bull and just like, really, it's made me, um, think about how, like, where I started to. And so, like where I was that no, because I didn't think I would get there like it was really, really nice that it happened

spk_0:   15:02
at school so that that's like, kind of a surreal moment. I, uh, I think it's always cool off like you can get on the news. They're in anything like that. That's super sweet. Um, I want to ask you about a specific painting that I but I see. And it's probably because your instagram profile it's It's your profile picture that one really stands out. For some reason, it's like it's like a person there green. Yeah, green person. There's like a purple hand holding a match or a lighter, and then maybe it's like a blue hand holding a match. Violetta So to me. I was looking at this and I'm thinking, Well, this is three different people here, right? Yeah. Okay. So could you kind of break that artwork down? Because it just seems so cool and seem like it spoke volumes.

spk_1:   15:50
Um, well, this one was I. So I made that during I don't think 11th grade, like we're going. I'm gonna be rule like 11. Great. Like I smoked the light like I was puffing guests and

spk_0:   16:04
Oh, yeah, person smoking in the

spk_1:   16:05
Yeah. So I kind of wanted it to represent me in a way because I kind of felt like there are all these weasels, like, just do it. And that's why there. That's why the hands aren't green. It's different people. I not pair practice like sometimes I feel like I have, like, 12 people inside me, Like, just tell me what to do. Like, don't do that, do this. But, uh, and I wanted to, like, put that in a picture. Like the hands just representing, like your inner motivations. Okay, kind of.

spk_0:   16:41
So those hands aren't even other individuals those air you, but just

spk_1:   16:44
I mean, it can't It can't be like I It could be what you want. Okay, That's just my interpretation of it. If you want to perceive it as that, That's like up to you. That's what I want. Like this. Also go like I'm not gonna tell you what you have to see if you see that. That's what you see. So, um, I wanted to be fluid to butt in. There is like lyrics, too, because Jake Holy made this song called, Um, What's the home? Was it It was smoke. Who was it smoking do? We were on a blink blade Hiss song was about, like, smoking and how, like, kids air, like on drugs, like really early and et cetera. And I couldn't relate, cause I was like, wow, like I started pretty early because like, I that was And I also made that because that was like one of my escapes, too. And I put it on the picture. Um, so, yeah, that's also where the motivation came from, and with the different hands with the lighter and the blind, et cetera. But yeah,

spk_0:   17:46
yeah, that's cool. So, uh, could you talk a little bit about what makes you use all these like unique colors and all these different patterns in your work? It's it's really cool going through like all your different work, and it's like I can't I could say it's kind of similar, like you definitely have a style, but none of No. One piece is the same. And that to me it was awesome. You know,

spk_1:   18:11
Uh, that's what I want. That's thank you. That's exactly what I want it. That's why I don't I don't think, however, well, I might make, like one shirt with the same design, but I think I only do like custom pieces for the rest of my life. I don't want anybody walking around with the same anything everybody literally like. Everyone is different. We're versatile. But I do the different colors because when I first started making my people, I made, like, different, like skin tones. Of course, I kind of got bored with it because I'm like, I see this already. E. I want to see something different. I want my work to be unique And like, of course, there are artists who, like use different colors. Um, with their their work to like it's for risking tongue goes. But I just I wanted people to be like a while like that don't see that like people weren't per pool. People weren't raised

spk_0:   19:03
out of this world.

spk_1:   19:04
Yeah, thank you. Thank you, But yeah, just, uh just the also have. So people aren't as biased to, like, just skins over. Said how It's really the moment of, like a melon, and you have your skin. It really is an important and, like, we're

spk_0:   19:25
I hope you've been enjoying some of our previous episodes on rawness of reality. If so, please don't forget to subscribe. We're about to start the second half of the discussion with rain Clash. This is called Berry. Stop. This isn't the first time for Berries time, but let me explain, the way it works is the guest. And I share a pack of starvation, and I shoot off some quick questions and I expect some quick answers. Kind of like a burst time. You get it? I hope so. If you happen to have Mr Phone Eah, don't continue. You're just not gonna like the rest of this episode. But if you don't definitely tune back in one straight for the pink, I actually have a whole pink pack over there. Yeah, like, yeah, it does. Yeah. Is there fire eso first question, Uh, what is one artist in Pittsburgh that you would love to collaborate with?

spk_1:   20:22
Curtis? That's a good question. And like, it doesn't matter. Like it doesn't have to be a visual artist.

spk_0:   20:30
However you want to collaborate.

spk_1:   20:33
Um, well, there's this orders. His name's, uh, my favorite color. And I will love you. Like for one of his music videos or what? Well, he doesn't live in Pittsburgh anymore,

spk_0:   20:44
but from there,

spk_1:   20:45
but he just got signed. But I would love to, like, if he ever had a video idea what love toe help edit it or give him, like, a screenplay. Like drawing up because I'm like, I literally wanna put my heart into everything. Like, I want to put it into all different mediums and all different outlets that I'd be cool toe work with, like, some music. Or it is, um,

spk_0:   21:07
veering off topic a little here. But maybe I'm not. Do you know Stew Frick? Okay, So Stew Frick did a, uh, collaboration with Benji, the artist that we're stupid clothing for, like, each of one of his songs on the, um album. Yeah. So maybe something like that is how you could collaborate with, like, a musician. What would be your favorite book to read on a deserted island

spk_1:   21:35
favorite book? Come, Fortunately, haven't been reading much these days, but I think my favorite. Mmm. Book.

spk_0:   21:47
You get the past button if you want. You

spk_1:   21:50
know, Fine. I probably really like maybe diary will be, um, this study of some astrologer, or I would re maybe like a National Geographic book. Like we oughta animals and stuff. Maybe I'll find something on it. I will help me.

spk_0:   22:12
Yeah. Or just put the book down and explore the stranded island looking for animals.

spk_1:   22:17
Right? But something something interest in the scrap scratched the daria. The would know. Wouldn't I want that? Uh, yeah, some type of, like, informational book, because I do love learning like the gram packs. Um, where Ripley's believe it or not,

spk_0:   22:37
those Those are my favorite. As you can. Yeah, I just read through this like crazy

spk_1:   22:42
love. I never would get them at the book fair because because I was cheap. Us like No,

spk_0:   22:47
no, I was only buying their racers in the pencils. Money is there one color that, like stands above the rest when you like, use it. You're just, like, really happy Using blue

spk_1:   22:59
I love blue favorite color have, like Bull my eyebrows. I know what it's like. Probably made it a waste. Yes, you Yeah, but I love blue. I don't know. I feel like I like blue so much because, like I love ocean is blue and a service in a. So, like there's so much life in it too. And I just love I just love the color. It's just such a vibrant color to me, even though, like, represents it, and it's too sometimes. So what I would like in a movie, I'll use blue. I'll be like, Oh, my corny said type of vibes. But yeah, that's my favorite color.

spk_0:   23:44
And is there? Is there one place in Pittsburgh where you just you go? And it's like your favorite spot, like there's so many different spots around Pittsburgh. What's your go to spot to? Kind of just like on wine and life? Enjoy

spk_1:   24:00
the point. In the summer I'll go up to like there's like a ledge where you're right in front of the foul M. Well, not to in front of it, but where you could get like a light sprints only in the summer the and I'll draw said all and draw and just unwind And just people watch. It's really relaxing. I think this my definitely my favorite.

spk_0:   24:22
That's what's up. Okay? And you said you had some fashion shows coming up. Could you talk about them?

spk_1:   24:27
Yes. So, um, the most recent one as, Ah, February 22nd at Mr Smalls Theater is the bad or the beast fashion show. And this one's run by, um, Do you know who abstract There he is.

spk_0:   24:42
I'm sure I've heard of them. I haven't met.

spk_1:   24:44
Yes, Uh, this guy I work with him because I work at Trader Joe's and

spk_0:   24:50
that so

spk_1:   24:52
many connections there, and, uh, one of my co workers, Troy, hey, was like, Do you want it like through this fashion show in plan? I'm like, Oh, my God. Yeah. Mm. We met up a few times. We already did a few casting calls We already picked, like some are models. And it's basically, like, similar to what might I did? She's combining like, or music and the fashion together. This the theme is like animals. So our group, like there is it's pretty cool like the idea Our group is, Um I think we're doing like Big Cat. So I'm trying to I'm gonna incorporate, like, different animal print and some I work. This time I'm not gonna water down completely, like out of this world. Creations. I'ma still incorporate like my a lamb finesse in it, but I'm still gonna tryto stick with the themes that we weren't confused. Um, And then, like you get assigned artists to thio kind of go with the team and then the, um, like a musician. And then, um, you get another visual artist, but is he the visual artist that I gotta send two? He's not like making clothes with me. He's, like, in charge of paint and the backdrop so that it matches like the animal theme like Cole maybe make like a leopard print something Tiger exhibit.

spk_0:   26:13
And, uh, what date is that, Dina?

spk_1:   26:15
February 20 seconds,

spk_0:   26:16
February 20 seconds. Okay. And what part of

spk_1:   26:20
it's in Mr Smalls theater? I'm sure this I should, but I the flyers all I could definitely send it. Thio.

spk_0:   26:29
Okay. Police, I think I think I have seen it. That doesn't say sponsored by Xev. Yes. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that shop is pretty cool too. So school sponsor? Yes. Have there are there are a bunch of different names on there That seemed like a really interesting

spk_1:   26:42
Yes, I I met Stoop to before supper. He's going to be in it to some eggs. I see his work.

spk_0:   26:47
Is there anything we didn't hit on that you'd like to talk about or anything in your life that you'd like? Our listeners,

spk_1:   26:54
Nothing really comes to mind like I'm I mean, I'm fine with whatever question you have. Like, it doesn't matter how personal Exeter like, I'm okay with letting everything all that's fine. Finally being vulnerable.

spk_0:   27:06
Uh, well, I I don't have many more questions. I do have one question. What is rawness of reality mean to you

spk_1:   27:13
rawness. A reality? Who? I'd say it means, like for me, because reality is is it is raw. Um, I occasionally I go into my little roll like griping and draw them in my head. And when I come out, well, I don't want to come out of it. But when the rawness a reality pools and it's like like for example, I remember I was in l. A and L A's advertises like glitz and glam celebrity store bubble. And when we got there, it wasn't that a lot of the part we were in, like you see all the homeless people you see all just like you see all these establishments, you see all these Starbucks, you see all these Airbnb is hotels. And yet there's all these people outside of them who have nowhere to go, You see, intense. It smells like piss everywhere. It is like it just hit me and I that's that's what we're honest over that is like, It's like it's uncut is unfiltered, and I but I needed to see that the, um you know, some things are good for you whenever there won't. Not everything. You shouldn't eat everything roll up. Yeah, but yeah, um I just remember I seen somebody like on the corner, but he, like, literally had, like, a crack pipe in his mouth. I'm like those, but yeah, that's reality. Like, and I need it because I feel like I'm not the only one here. Like I'm not the only person going through things. And I was a reality check for me. That's definitely what we're honest. You've

spk_0:   28:57
kind of hit on it a couple times, and I kind of want you to talk a little bit about this fact of you said, you're not the only one here again. And we're all, like on this earth, and we're all humans. Could you talk a little bit about how you, ah, have grown toe have that mindset?

spk_1:   29:15
I truly feel like what I've been through has kind of I wouldn't say force because this all happened for a reason. But it shifted me to definitely be wiser beyond my years definitely shifted me. I've seen things that I wasn't like that you're typically not supposed to see, like at such a young age, and I definitely moulded me into the person I am. I'm still grateful for those bad moments because I really went out be here without them. But like that, I just You say it again.

spk_0:   29:49
The question. Okay, so you hit on what it means to be human And how What? All not too far away from the same. And we are the same. Uh, so kind of what, like shaped how you have that mindset. Um,

spk_1:   30:07
I think it's also mean being an imp it too. I don't think about myself. I little I literally think about like like everything like today at work Crushed a strawberry NFL bit I don't know, Jim, like it's the strawberry Like you. You eat strawberries, Indonesia. But

spk_0:   30:27
someone could have eaten it

spk_1:   30:30
Really sensitive sometimes. Or like I remember accidentally skilled this spider and I got released. But I just think about other people other than myself. Because I know I tried to treat people how I want to be treated to on us also where it stems from. Um I'm just also it's just like What are you great? What are you gonna game from going against the grain like I feel like this. I lost my purpose to bring that to light s so that other people could see It's like not whore. Well, it can be hard whenever you're bitter, but when you choose to let that go full is really, really good. Thio, think about other people and be selfless. It's a uh

spk_0:   31:13
okay. And ah So where can I listen? Is find your work and what you're gonna do next?

spk_1:   31:20
Well, I mainly on instagram rain clash or a in C L A s w h. And I post a lot on my story. Um, my whips, if you do click on my website, it's not gonna be available at the time because I'm still working on it. But I plan on having a dumb by March March, so we will be able by March, will definitely be able to buy clothes on things.

spk_0:   31:47
And if somebody wants a custom clothes or anything like that now, should they just diem you directly or email you

spk_1:   31:53
It's better to email me because my dams can get clustered. Um, you can email me at artsy aor ITI s. Why in e iCloud dot com and I would definitely like it's you, like, right away. I try toe be punctual with that. That's your best form of communication

spk_0:   32:11
are excellent. Yeah, that's all I have today. I wanted again. Thank you for coming here, taking time out of your day and to, uh, open up and talk about yourself. Anything else you'd like to say before we cut

spk_1:   32:24
and I was awesome. Thank you for having me on rooms like really cool.

spk_0:   32:31
We'll, uh we'll see you all are what motivates me to keep producing my podcast. I really believe that storytelling does connect all of us. And the more stories that we hear from, the more people, the more interconnected we Maybe I genuinely appreciated Rain clash for coming on the podcast today. And I hope you all enjoyed listening. If you did, Please don't forget to subscribe Greatest five stars and follow us on. All social media platforms are episodes can only get better from here. I want to give a big thank you to our production manager, Mike Campus and Joeckel on the beets. And remember, stay raw with reality.