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You’ve found us! Welcome to RIoT Underground, the place where you hear from instigators who are changing the world with disruptive technology. Our job? Pulling back the curtain. We talk to passionate disruptors about what they see, what they do, how they got to where they are, and what’s coming next. Have you ever wondered how people drive through their mistakes, learning from them, and capitalizing on them? Have you ever wondered how people find a career in tech, or start a company, or become great leaders? Do you want to hear more about people who succeed - the real stories, not just the wins we see in a highlight reel? Good - us too. And we’re going to bring that and more, here, at RIoT Underground. RIoT Underground is created and produced at RIoT Studios. RIoT produces events, conferences and educational courses around the world and runs an early-stage startup-accelerator in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our nonprofit also operates a wireless test and certification facility under the Wireless Research Center brand. Learn how to engage by visiting us at Tune in, subscribe - join the underground. We’ll see you in the next episode.
VI: Leveraging Real Time Data Responses for Success with Zach Jory, Director of Enterprise Marketing, and Brandon Templeton, Strategic Partnerships lead, of AxonJanuary 20, 2022 Episode artwork V: Utilizing Emerging Tech for Community Growth with John Holden, Director of Economic Development & Tourism for Stafford CountyJanuary 05, 2022 Episode artwork IV: Maximizing customer value from data with Oliver Schabenberger, Chief Innovation Officer of SingleStoreDecember 22, 2021 Episode artwork III: How to Bring Innovative Products to Market with Vina Kerai, Telecommunications Certification Manager at NemkoNovember 22, 2021 Episode artwork II: Building IoT Driven Solutions in the Data Economy with Brian Bielawski, VP of Sales at Calchip ConnectNovember 12, 2021 Episode artwork I: Utilizing data's full potential with Jesús Centeno, Chief of Staff & Innovation Strategy at TIBCOOctober 07, 2021 Episode artwork XXIII: Integrating Entrepreneurship in Higher Education with Katie Gailes, Director of Entrepreneurship at Wake Technical Community CollegeMay 11, 2021 Episode artwork XXII: Disrupting the World through Emerging Tech with Swathi Young and Ujjwala Kashkari, founders of DC Emerging Tech GroupMarch 24, 2021 Episode artwork XXI: Embracing Data Driven Solutions March 11, 2021 Episode artwork XX: Building a Diverse Future in Tech with Kurt Merriweather, Head of Products at the Diversity Movement February 19, 2021 Episode artwork XIX: Creating a Safer & Healthier World with IoT February 10, 2021 Episode artwork XVIII: Leaning in to COVID Market ChangesJanuary 27, 2021 Episode artwork XVII: Entering the Data Era with Timothy Humphrey, Vice President, Chief Data Office at IBMJanuary 13, 2021 Episode artwork XVI: IoT Innovation in Government with Nicole Raimundo, the Chief Information Officer for the Town of CaryDecember 30, 2020 Episode artwork XV: Achieving Success in Technological Entrepreneurship with Scot Wingo, Founder and CEO of SpiffyDecember 16, 2020 Episode artwork XIV: How Technology is Upping the Game with Dr. Jen Welter, Professional Football Coach, and Keith Smart, NBA Basketball CoachDecember 02, 2020 Episode artwork XIII: Bridging the Digital Divide with Jess George, Government and Community Affairs Manager at Google FiberNovember 18, 2020 Episode artwork XII: Marketing in IoT with Noreen Allen, Chief Marketing Officer of BandwidthNovember 04, 2020 Episode artwork XI: Keeping Consumers Safe with Sven Nowak, Functional Safety Product Manager for TÜV SÜDOctober 21, 2020 Episode artwork X: Smashing Expectations in Software Development with Nick Jordan, Founder and CEO of Smashing BoxesOctober 07, 2020 Episode artwork IX: The Next Era of Consumer Electronics with Jay Lent, Solutions Director of Cardinal PeakSeptember 23, 2020 Episode artwork VIII: Time Series Data is All Around Us with David McKay of InfluxDBSeptember 09, 2020 Episode artwork VII: Gamifying the Design Process with Troy Knight, CEO of BLDG-25August 26, 2020 Episode artwork VI: Real Time IP Protection - with Eli Sheets, Founder & CEO of IdeaBlockAugust 12, 2020 Episode artwork V: Living at the Intersection of Functional AI and Pervasive Networking with Stan Schneider, CEO of RTIJuly 29, 2020 Episode artwork