Networx Podcast

Ep8: Inbound Marketing (Part A)

July 09, 2019 Networx Brisbane Season 2 Episode 8
Networx Podcast
Ep8: Inbound Marketing (Part A)
Show Notes

Inbound marketing is the philosophy behind some of the most successful 'pull' marketing strategies of all time. It says that if you combine an authentic brand with quality content, digital marketing, and automation, then sit back and relax! The leads will come to you. Our expert panel will share with us some of their best tips to attract, engage and delight your prospects at every stage of the conversation. 

During the event, we covered:

  • How to make leads and sales come to you.
  • The latest trends and tactics.
  • The modern inbound marketer's toolkit.
  • How video is changing the inbound game.
  • Where inbound is going next.

Panellists include:

Panel Facilitator: James Gauci, Senior Digital Manager 

Podcast Host and Event MC: Lisa Ma, Networx Brisbane & Iceberg Events

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Live recording at WeWork 310 Edward St on 30 April 2019 by Select Audio Visual.

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