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Ep29: The Hybrid Working Model

July 01, 2021 Season 3 Episode 29
Networx Podcast
Ep29: The Hybrid Working Model
Show Notes

COVID-19 threw us for a loop in 2020, shaking the office working model to the core. As many in the marketing and digital industries were forced to work from home full-time, the rulebook for connecting, motivating and leading teams has well and truly been thrown out. Or has it?

Panel of Speakers:

  • Laura Campbell, Partner, Deloitte Digital LinkedIn
  • Iain Calvert, Ecommerce Consultant & Trainer, Boom - Aussie Ecommerce Training LinkedIn
  • Brett Wiskar, Chief Future Officer, Wiley and Co. Pty Ltd  LinkedIn 

Panel Facilitator: James Gauci, Digital Director, PPQ LinkedIn | Twitter: @jamesgauci


As we venture into the new normal where lockdown might strike at any time, what does teamwork look like for marketers, digital professionals, and businesses more generally?

Join our expert panel as we discuss:

  • Then versus now: what changed, and what will stick?
  • All office, all remote, hybrid: what's the best approach?
  • Managing the psychological impact of working from home
  • Working with individual preferences 
  • How to find remote work
  • How to lead and manage distributed teams effectively
  • Remote collaboration best practices
  • Business continuity, and how to keep it together when lockdowns strike

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