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HouseCall with Dr. Mac was created in 2014 with the goal of helping individuals connect their health dots. This means that we wanted to create an inviting space where people could share their stories, hear from Healthcare Providers and help the members of the community become integral parts of their healthcare team. Please visit us at and join the HouseCall chat so you don't miss any updates!
Episode 108: Not all snoring means the same thing. April 02, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 107: Speech Language Pathology and Stroke Recovery with Angela Miles, M.S.,CCC-SLPMarch 26, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 106: "I feel like I have a bionic wrist!"--Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms and treatmentMarch 19, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 105: Yoga is for Every BODY (type) with Mrs. Stephanie Gaines-BryantMarch 12, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 104 - Hospice is more than a place where you go to die. With Chaplain Doug Simons March 05, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 103: When time matters and you have to act F.A.S.T. with Jovalee Thompson, RN February 26, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 102: You have to tell your parents....with Andre CampbellFebruary 22, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 101: "Bears Don't Fight It..."February 13, 2019 Episode artwork Episode-100 Your kids know who Ninja you?October 16, 2018 Episode artwork Episode - 099 "So I got a new doctor..."October 09, 2018 Episode artwork Episode-098 Vitamin D--It's not just for your bones.October 02, 2018 Episode artwork Episode-097: When your child/children are born in your heart--foster and adoptive parents Ben and Jenni MiltonSeptember 25, 2018 Episode artwork Episode - 096 They'll get it in health class---STIs, are we talking about them?September 18, 2018 Episode artwork Episode - 095 "I have cancer, cancer does not have me!" with David WaitsSeptember 11, 2018 Episode artwork Bonus--Where Have We Been?September 04, 2018 Episode artwork Episode - 094: "Sitting is the new smoking" with Josh CraddockOctober 17, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 093: "Her Brush with Death" with CC PeanOctober 06, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 092: Does that Type of Medicine Really Work?--with Dr. Denise Tyson and Dr. Cindy Tran of AIHGSeptember 26, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 091: Cupcakes and Cardiology with Simran FrontainSeptember 19, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 090: "The Mom You are is Amazing!" with Jen Schwartz of the Medicated MommySeptember 12, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 089: "With Mental Illness, your demographics don't matter" with Don West Jr.September 05, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 088: "Be a Guest at Your Own Event", with Jillian SmithApril 05, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 087: Forward Promise with Dr. Howard Stevenson and Mrs. Rhonda Tsoi-A-Fatt BryantMarch 21, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 086: Warning!..Have Sex with your Underwear On...For Adults Only, with Dr. DraiMarch 14, 2017 Episode artwork Episode - 085: "Check the Box" with Mr. Donerik BlackFebruary 28, 2017 Episode artwork