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Episode - 093: "Her Brush with Death" with CC Pean
October 06, 2017 Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan
A health scare, job loss, and emergency surgery. For Chef Cynthia Pean, who was recently featured on the Today show, these events marked a turning point in her life story and started her exploration of the connection between diet and health. In this episode, we trace Chef Pean’s journey from amateur church cook to professional chef, specializing in plant-based foods and the fusion of West African and Caribbean cooking. She draws from her roots in Liberia and Guyana, and uses fresh herbs, spices, layered flavors, and healthy ingredients to create food that looks good, tastes good...and that's good for you! Tune in to find out more about superfoods, how to take ownership of your health, and how to heal your body from within. Let’s connect those health dots!
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