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Manifest Your Dream Life! Roxy Lee is Mindset & Manifestation Coach and the brainchild behind the 360˚ Method, her signature approach to manifestation. Raw, unfiltered and unapologetic, Roxy discuses self-improvement and self-development like you've never heard before! Sometimes brash, often overly passionate, Roxy delivers her unique and unabashed message with a side of tough live and healthy serving of humor. The big sister you never knew you needed, Roxy is dedicated to helping you achieve your wildest dreams. Whether you are building confidence, manifesting a specific person or learning how to practice self love, the Roxy Talks Manifestation Podcast has got you covered boo! Overhaul your life in just 1 month with the 30 Days of Alignment Challenge at and join Black Moon Society at on Instagram and Facebook at @RoxyTalks and Twitter at @RoxyBeTalkin
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