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Dr Myriam Hadnes

As a workshop facilitator, you set the stage for success or failure of professional gatherings. It is in your hands whether the group achieves its goals and whether it translates challenges into solutions. It's a lot of responsibility to create safe space, integrate all participants and keep discussions on track and time. In her weekly show, Dr Myriam Hadnes interviews professional facilitators, trainers and coaches on their techniques that make workshops work. Her guests bring their unique perspectives from different backgrounds and cultures. Everyone shares hands-on advice, best practices and lessons learned. You will learn about moments of truth and failure, what can go wrong and how to deal with it when it happens. This show is for if you are a facilitator, trainer, team leader, manager. Tune in to learn tips & tricks on how to deliver workshops that are worth everyone’s time. If you deliver workshops that work and want to be featured on the show, let me know:

Recent Episodes

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