Anything But Vanilla Podcast

Episode 181: Back On Our Zoom Bullshit

December 14, 2020 Anything But Vanilla Season 1 Episode 81
Anything But Vanilla Podcast
Episode 181: Back On Our Zoom Bullshit
Show Notes

Oh shit. You know it’s 2020, plus stay at home orders and back to that bullshit zoom recording when we are almost a week late in posting the podcast. But hey, do you blame us? This messy ass year is coming to a close and we are all sorts of topsy turvy. But never fear... episode 81 is here!

This  week in review brings listeners the great (Fran’s son is old enough to finally get Christmas and is so excited and Claire’s husband got a new job) and not so great (Fran’s baby is on a poop strike and Claire lost her personal/work assistant when Matt got this job and everyone is feeling the transition).  News of the week comes at you with some background on Only Fans and how it’s going mainstream. Claire is dropping the bombshell that the Kardashian Christmas party is cancelled, for the first time in 42 years. Advice this week comes to us from a friend who is having a crisis with a
 fraudulent friend trying to masquerade as a POC for her business. In light of Only Fans going mainstream, the ladies share what their personal Only Fans accounts would host if they had them,  in this weeks AUA.  What do the ladies like this week? Well, Instagram accounts and TV shows naturally. This weeks hater is brought to you by the anti-vaxx community who is opposing the COVID vaccine. Stop spreading misinformation people, keep it to yourself. 

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Stinger
Powdered hot chocolate 
Brewed coffee
1oz creme de cacao 
2oz peppermint vodka
Peppermint candy garnish 

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