Anything But Vanilla Podcast

Episode 184: This Pod Will Not Age Well

January 22, 2021 Anything But Vanilla Season 1 Episode 84
Anything But Vanilla Podcast
Episode 184: This Pod Will Not Age Well
Show Notes

You know how we know 2021 is going to be better than the shittiest of years, 2020? For starters, Trump is gone, so there’s that. For seconds, we get to record in person, outside (at least for now, but its something ladies and gents) aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddddd our favorite cohost, the hostess with the biggest and best laugh, the woman who knows someone who can getcha what you need, Erica Castillo (!) is back for a an episode to catch up, keep it real and roast the shit out of Claire and Fran. 

Welcome in to episode 84, where we are rocking a space heater, eating tacos and drinking all the tequila with out favorite person on the planet. This week in review brings the roses (TRUMP IS GONE!!! Biden is here!!!!!!) and the thorns (Butchie is crawling, Claire hating social media holiday performances and Erica is disturbed by the military presence downtown for Biden’s inauguration). News of the week continues to be on the lighter side of things (Bachelorette breakups, Uhaul moving data and Bridgerton sex scenes). A listener is seeking our advice this week asking about her fear of her daughter recording her sex life on TikTok. Let’s just say that we all know there is more going on in this question then we are led to believe. The ladies are sharing what state they would be willing to move to, if they had to, on this weeks, “ask us anything”.  Shit the ladies like this week has some good TV recs  and some skincare gold as well.   Lastly, this weeks hater is brought to you by Erica and she ain’t holding back on you bitches.

I Wish I Was In Paradise
2 oz Tequila
1/3 cup OJ
Maui Brewing POG hard Seltzer Poured over top
Tajin Rim
Mix all ingredients and pour over ice

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