Anything But Vanilla Podcast

Episode 187: A Shortie But A Goodie

March 04, 2021 Anything But Vanilla Season 1 Episode 87
Anything But Vanilla Podcast
Episode 187: A Shortie But A Goodie
Show Notes

Oh listeners, we know we take up lots of your time with our drunken ranting, our aggressive opinions, our old lady like bickering and Claire’s love of Rizzoli and Isles. And the first step in recovery is acknowledging you have a problem. That being said, this week we kept it short and sweet, just for you. Because we love you and respect your time, you know?

Welcome in to episode 87, where we, for once, are timely and keepin’ this podcast moving babies! Our week in review brings the highs (Claire is having a solid design week and now has herself an assistant AND she discovered the Davis arboretum and Fran enjoyed some birthday celebrations at the barn) and the thorns (Claire is staying positive with no thorns and Fran always has a thorn, which this week has to do with her families home remodel). News this week is pretty gross in terms of human behavior with a Sacramento area teacher engaging in racist behavior on zoom and Dr. Suess’ literary library being culled due to racist content. A listener is seeking our advice this week asking for help as to how she can broach the subject of masturbation as “me time” with her partner. Girl, take this self care and your man can go fuck off if he doesn’t like it. This weeks  “Ask Us Anything” turns the tables on the hosts and has them answer what their first impressions were of one another’s husbands/long term loves. Let’s just say, no one is surprised that Matt turned out to be easy. Shit the ladies like this week stays local with a new float spa downtown and a podcast with a fiesta host. Lastly, this weeks hater is brought to you by Texas’ governor, what a fucking piece of trash. 

Claire Phoned it In
Camp Craft Cocktail- Brunch Punch (refrigerate 3 days or a month, whatever)
Fever Tree Tonic

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