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CU2.0 Podcast Episode 29 Teresa Freeborn on Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union
March 27, 2019 Robert McGarvey

$100 million. That's the projected three year budget for the CUNA "Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union" campaign.

Teresa Freeborn, CEO of Xceed Financial Credit Union, chairs the CUNA effort which she - make no mistake - sees as crucial in the longterm survival and prosperity of credit unions.

The campaigns blends research with marketing - much of it online - to reach out to a generation of consumers that simply may not even consider credit unions as a financial services option.

Ouch. It hurts to be ignored. But that is a credit union reality and that also is the why of the CUNA campaign.

A central mission of the campaign: raising consumer awareness of the benefits of credit unions as a different, better category of financial services providers. That's ambitious. But it just may be critical in the industry's survival.

In this podcast Freeborn tells the story of the campaign's launch, it's current status, and it's hoped for future. She also blends in her perspective as the longtime CEO of a large credit union.

Listen up - your survival may depend on it.

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