The CU2.0 Podcast

CU 2.0 Podcast Special Edition: Tech in Ukraine, Surviving the War

March 18, 2022 Robert McGarvey Season 4 Episode 195
The CU2.0 Podcast
CU 2.0 Podcast Special Edition: Tech in Ukraine, Surviving the War
Show Notes

 Before the Russian invasion, Ukraine's tech sector was a brilliant, bright spot in that Eastern European nation. By most tallies it brought in revenues around $6 billon in 2021, around 4% of GDP.  Foreign investment has been brisk.  The future definitely had been bright.

Is it still?

In this podcast the guests are Anatoly, CEO of CXDojo, a Ukraine based firm staffed by software engineers and business consultants, and Maksim, business development manager for CXDojo. Consumer experience is a key focus.  

Our talk is about the war, the future, why agile matters as a business philosophy, maybe now more than ever, and why Ukraine is a great place to look for computing talent...and why it will again be once the bombs stop falling.

Along the way you will also hear a lengthy discussion of agile as a business philosophy - and how war maybe is a stark reminder of the need to stay agile.

To get more of team CXDojo, here is a podcast they did with Kirk Drake, founder and CEO of CU2.0.  It's a fun, informative romp that tells why making wine is a lot like starting a fintech.

Listen up: this is a podcast that is unlike any of we have recorded before. 

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