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CU2.0 Podcast Episode 202 Kirk Kordeleski Tells If You Are Paid Enough

May 25, 2022 Robert McGarvey Season 4 Episode 202
The CU2.0 Podcast
CU2.0 Podcast Episode 202 Kirk Kordeleski Tells If You Are Paid Enough
Show Notes

How much do you make? Is it enough?

A question for credit union boards: Are you paying your staff, especially c-suiters, enough to stay competitive in your marketplace?

We are in an era of intense competition for talent. You know how hard it has become to recruit to fill teller openings.

But do you know that a talent war is upending olden credit union beliefs about senior talent and compensation?

It is. And this will help decide what credit unions are left standing 10 years from now.

Telling us what is really going on in credit union executive compensation is Kirk Kordeleski, a onetime Bethpage CU CEO who now consults with credit unions about compensation especially SERP.  

If you think that has to do with search exchange results pages you definitely need to hear this show.

That's Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans and they are emerging as a key tool in senior executive recruitment and retention at credit unions.

Kordeleski, by the way, is a past CU 2.0 Podcast guest - episode 46 in Season 1.        

Kordeleski did this show from a quarantine hotel in Amsterdam  after failing the Covid test required for passengers entering the US.  He is in a remarkably good mood and that may be a clue that this is indeed a guy who can help you untangle your institution's antiquated comp practices.

Listen up.

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