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CU2.0 Podcast Episode 39 Futurist Chris Skinner

June 12, 2019 Robert McGarvey Season 1 Episode 39
The CU2.0 Podcast
CU2.0 Podcast Episode 39 Futurist Chris Skinner
Show Notes

Consumers don't want a digital bank. They want digital banking. That's a building block belief of futurist-blogger Chris Skinner who has become a regular on the conference speaking circuit.

Even though what he has to say will upset many financial services executives.

That's because he thinks many are going about becoming a digital banking prover all wrong.

It's not about offering a mobile banking app.  It's about a reconfiguration of the whole service delivery system.

That system was created to distribute paper (think checks).

What's needed today is a system to distribute data (bits and bytes).

Skinner relates that one FI that gets it often asks itself before embarking on a project, what would Jeff do?

Jeff who?

Bezos, said Skinner.

And that's a step closer to really thinking digitally.

Here's the money question: Can credit unions keep up with the big money center banks when it comes to the race to digitalization?

Skinner has good news here. His answer is yes. His answer also is that the comparatively small size of credit unions is a plus. A lean institution is that much easier to put on a different course.

In this podcast Skinner tells how. He also tells a lot about what China has done to create a digital country - and it's inspiring stuff.

Listen up.

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