The Shift Health Coach

Thriving in the Shadows: Nurturing Health in Demanding Professions

May 26, 2023 Episode 184
The Shift Health Coach
Thriving in the Shadows: Nurturing Health in Demanding Professions
Show Notes

Are you one of those unsung heroes who spends their nights working or caring for our furry friends?  Are you a health and wellness coach who works with individuals on the night shift? If so, this episode is for you. 

Join us as we delve into the world of night shifters and veterinary professionals, shedding light on their unique health challenges and exploring effective strategies for overcoming them.
Our special guest for this episode is Kira Staggs, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with extensive experience in supporting individuals in demanding professions. 

In this episode, we cover various essential aspects of well-being. Join us as we discuss sleep, social connections, meals, stress, and even kidney health in the context of demanding professions. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to improve your overall health and quality of life.

Sensitive topic covered in this episode. Around the 25-minute mark, Kira and our host discuss the alarming issue of high suicide rates among veterinarians. It's a poignant moment that calls attention to the mental health struggles these professionals face. If you want to learn more or lend your support, we encourage you to visit Not One More Vet at or Center for Workplace Happiness by clicking here

Crisis hotlines:
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UK Text, Shout to

More about Kira Staggs
Kira is currently a board certified health and wellness coach and a certified yoga/meditation instructor. Her current area of interest specializes in evolutionary medicine, lifestyle management, and chronic disease mitigation. Prior to becoming a health coach Kira worked for the better part of two decades in veterinary medicine as a certified veterinary technician in both the US and the United Kingdom. During her veterinary career she worked specialty emergency and critical care exclusively and always worked evening/night shifts. Learning about how shift work impacts health and well-being has been an incredible journey, and she regularly applies what she learned through both education and experience to her coaching practice.

FB: KaeCeeEss Integrative Health and Wellness  

LinkedIn: Kira Staggs


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