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Paranormal Tower

Kathy Kelly

Paranormal Tower is a real place in Asbury Park NJ. It houses paranormal Books & Curiosities and The Paranormal Museum, which is home to more than 250 artifacts of paranormal repute. In addition to our 13 years as a destination and resource for those interested in the Paranormal, we are a dedicated team of enthusiasts, investigators and hardcore historians who love the genre but love what we learn even more.We don't just tell the stories, we go out and find them. Our curator and operator, Kathy Kelly covers 60-100,000 miles a year searching the more haunted, unusual and interesting stories, locales and legends.Join us on our journey into the fringe. Keep your eyes, your ears and most importantly your mind- open when you come to Paranormal Tower. Sit down, relax, we have something to tell you.have a lead or a story you think we should look at? Have a story of your own? email [email protected] or call 732 737-9212. Not only do we love to hear from you guys, we have swag to hand out!

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