Paranormal Tales from the Tower

The Road to Ptown

March 26, 2019 Season 2 Episode 1
Paranormal Tales from the Tower
The Road to Ptown
Paranormal Tales from the Tower
The Road to Ptown
Mar 26, 2019 Season 2 Episode 1
Kathy Kelly
An unusual encounter on a quiet road at 5 am leaves me unnerved.
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An unusual encounter on a quiet road at 5 am leaves me unnerved. Is it an alien or a lawn ornament?

I'm not a ufologist and I am not comfortable discussing this event.  Yet it happened. People are often placed outside the circle when they have experiences that are too weird to explain.  When I found myself there, I had a choice to make and I chose to tell the story.

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Okay, guys. Hi, it's Kathy. I am coming at you from Paranormal Tower in as Report New Jersey. And this is paranormal tales from the tower. It's a little bit different from the way usually do things. I usually kind of have it written out. And I know what I'm gonna talk to you about.I'm gonna apologize for the background noise that you're gonna hear because there's a bunch of screaming Mimi's outside. Um, but I actually wanted kind of get this recorded and get it out there while it's still fresh in my mind. Although it's not, you know, it has been a couple days since it happened. Um, I am hardcore paranormalist, and what that means is it's not a hobby for me. It's not something that I pick up and I put back down. I'm always interested in this subject matter. It doesn't always mean that I agree with everybody's interpretation. Doesn't even mean that I believe every single thing that I hear. In fact, I don't believe every single thing that I hear and there certainly things that I'm more interested than in others. For me, it has always been about the survival of personality after bodily death. So, in other words, ghosts, spirits, you know, do we continue as who we are after we leave this body? And that's where my interest has always lie. However, because of paranormal ist, I've gone through the entire spectrum of paranormal subjects that I'm interested in including, of course, the idea of alien life. UFO's visitation. You guys air hearing, Um, it sounds like a siren. I think it's coming from outside. I'm not really sure where, however, when it's it's stopped. Um, but you know, I can remember, you know, 20 years ago being super interested in this in that stuff because, of course, it's really interesting. There are a lot of people out there having experiences, just like with goes just like with spirit activity. And they're out there having these experiences. And, you know, it's very easy to just say the people are, you know, drunk, stupid or lying. But that's not always the case. And yet, you know, I'm not. I'm not a person that I would consider to be, ah, hardcore UFO person. I think that the needle has definitely moved in the direction of people being more open to the idea of alien life. In fact, I think you would be hard pressed to find a person you know of of any level of education that doesn't think that it's entirely likely that there is intelligent life on other planets. Now, the concept of visitation to this planet is a totally different thing. And I've always been, um, resistant to that idea, but very open to it as well. Um, I don't know. I don't know. I mean, I don't fall into, um Let's just say I'm agnostic about it. I I don't believe in, you know, it was a sub government. I don't I don't know enough about all of that stuff, but I'm no one resistant to it. And I'm not, you know, And I don't necessarily believe, um in a lot of the theories that are out there, that being said, as time has gone by, you know, I've met really people who were really compelling and have great stories that that, you know, when you look into someone's eyes, it's hard to just say no, you're wrong, especially when it's about something you haven't had any experiences with. Um I tell you all this because I want to give you an idea of where I come at this subject. It's not one that I'm wholly embrace. It's not one that I've been terribly interested in. Um, it's not one that I pursue, you know, with great alacrity. So last week, I spent a lot of time up in Cape Cod up in Provincetown. Anyone who listens to my podcast, that was that. Um, anyone who knows me knows that, too. I'm constantly dropping that information. Um, kids, I'm so fancy, but I I was driving up there very Lee. One night, it was it was really cold out. It was 45 degrees out, and I had gotten an update on from my from my phone that my power had gone out. Um, well, of course it wasn't for my phone. It was from, you know, the electrical system, um, using my phone. But I had gotten an update that the power had gone out and that it had been out for several hours. You know, I don't have a large home up there. It's very small. It was probably, you know, somebody's den. At some point, they threw a kitchen into it, So it's not really well insulated. It's not designed, um, for the hard New England winters. And usually people would shut the water off and probably not be there or they would be living there. And so using the water and the heat and what not, But, um, in my situation, I was really nervous that the pipes were going to freeze because I wasn't up there. And so, in the interest of just peace of mind, very late one night, around 11. 30 at night, I jumped in my car and I took off and I drove, um, directly up to Cape Cod. Knowing that I probably would get there in five and 1/2 6 hours usually takes me about six and 1/2. But I knew it would probably take me less than that. And I knew I had to be back that Thursday afternoon for another event. So I knew I was gonna drive up there, kind of turn around and come back. But I had rested all day. I hadn't had much to do on that Wednesday, and so I was completely, you know, awake and comfortable driving. I wasn't tired. I slept most of the day Um and I actually really enjoyed driving. So it's not much for me to do something like that. I do it probably 10 or 12 times a year Ends. So I had driven at that point, had gotten up to Cape Cod. I was on the cape. I was very close to Provincetown, Massachusetts. I had just entered into Truro and was driving. For those of you who know where this area is, I'm gonna give you a couple of landmarks. Um, it waas after savory and sweet. Um, and before you know, six a. Um I later found out that there was it was interesting, uninterested location that I wasn't aware of at the time. But as I was driving, I really wasn't thinking of anything. I was just kind of thinking, you know, I'm gonna get up there this time. I'm definitely gonna leave the water running and crank the heat. I'm gonna do all of these things. Andrea Lee Just thinking, boy, You know, maybe only down for a couple of hours, or maybe I'll just turn around and come right back out. And as I was driving, I was completely alone. The moon was very it was a very small one, but it was moon. But it was really clear that night. So it was dark but very, very clear. And you could see so many stars and really was spectacular. I mean, it's beautiful up there. And this time of year is the time of year that you can actually see just how many houses there really are because most of the houses air setback behind trees and our setback in woods. And and there's not a ton of people that live up there year round there certainly many people that live up there year round. But the population isn't isn't huge. Um, and there are no street lights, but there were a couple of businesses around and and, um and like I said, it was It was a clear night. And then there was enough. Enough of a moon that you could see by it, but not overly bright. And as I was driving up, you know, there are landmarks that you just kind of get used to. You know, when I'm here, I know I'm 20 minutes out when I'm here. I know I'm 40 minutes out, things like that. And I was driving up, and I looked over to my left at it was a It was a tea in the road coming onto route six and there wasn't a house there, but it was definitely more like a private drive than you know, Main Road or or I mean, I don't even know if it was paved, but it wouldn't. I must been paved. But there was another little offshoot in the area that wasn't paved. And, you know, these air still wooded areas. It's still kind of heavily and densely wooded up there. And, um as I was driving past it. Now, when you when you get up to Provincetown, read up close, it's 35 miles an hour and they are really strict. So you have to be super careful not to have a heavy foot up there, especially this time of year, because, hey, you know, you gotta make a couple bucks here and there, Um, and also because, you know, it's it's a it's ah, dangerous road. And, um and so I looked over to my left and moving towards the road, um, moving, moving per particularly to the road that I was on. I saw something and I don't know how. I don't know what? I don't know what it was. It was, um, seven and 1/2 8 feet tall. Um, it was on two legs. It had to warms. Um, uh huh. I gotta tell you, I had to take to describe because I don't I don't I don't wantto describe it, but it had a unusual head. Um, if I would describe it as something it was really tall and thin and lanky. Um, it didn't I can't say that I saw it for more than a second or two. Um but I will tell you, I instantly felt like I wasn't supposed to have seen it. Now, I I do this. I go too old, you know, penitentiary Tze and I go to, um you know, I goto haunted Woods and I put myself in scary situations, and sometimes I put myself in dangerous situations, but I don't usually ever get frightened. And I don't usually ever have, um, a spontaneous, you know, fight or flight experience. And every part of me said, Get the hell out of here. Every part of me said that's not normal. And I chase not normal and there was a part of me I remember looking forward and kind of gunning in a little bit because I fully believed that if I looked over to my left again, I would see whatever this thing Waas running alongside me and, you know, had calmed myself down and just kept going. I didn't really think much more of it, but I I thought it had to be some kind of a figure, you know, It had to be a blow up. It had to be. It had to be some kind of, ah, holiday decoration that had to be something. I was misconstruing in the moonlight. It had to be. It had to be something, and it had to be something that my brain had turned into something else because of the speed that I was traveling at, and I don't know all of the other things. And so I went up to the house and I couldn't really, um, couldn't shut it off. I couldn't. I couldn't stop the adrenaline, but I got into the house. I settled everything down and I climbed into bed, thinking, Well, I'll sleep for a few hours because I must be tired, but I couldn't sleep. And I was I was well and truly unnerved by the experience. And somebody later asked me, Did I think that I was supposed to see it? You know, in other words, like did the universe of how I planned this? No, I gotta tell you, I feel like it was entirely accidental on all parties part, Um I don't feel like I don't I don't know what I saw. Um, the only thing that nothing makes sense. But you know what it looked like to me. It looked like different renditions of, say, the wind ago or, you know, I have to say it out loud, but I it was humanoid, but it wasn't human. And so the next day, as I was driving back, I left the house around 9 30 in the morning, and I specifically went to that area and I went to see if there was something there. It's sad that could explain what I had seen, you know, was there? I don't know. Like a giant mailbox. Was there a pear tree? The color of the skin had been kind of like a grey silver or the color of the features have been kind of a grave. So was there something there that looked like that? Was there an inflatable was there? You know what? The giant Santa Claus sideways? I don't know. Was there anything like that? And there wasn't. And so I drove home and I really didn't. I really didn't share that with anyone. And then I was talking to a friend of mine Z Ben Berry, just because I honestly, I couldn't let it go and I posted on Facebook, you know, Was anyone familiar with any kind of encrypted? Because, I don't know, like, maybe there's some kind of Ah, weird mutant, dear, you know, that's an albino d. I don't know. You know, something like that. Maybe there's something that other people have seen that I could that could explain it to me. And I wanted to explain to me because I was I was scared of it. And, um, you know, he was the one that said to me, you know where you were is very close to the old Air Force base. That there had been many, um, UFO sightings. That and that was the first time that someone had said you know, the phrase UFO to me where I I kind of like, Oh, I don't I don't wantto I don't want to be that I don't want it to be that, but it it made, you know, I made some kind of sense to me, and I'm not telling you this or I'm not sharing this because I want, um because I I want it. I want you guys to explain it to me or anything like that. But I'm saying it because it's an experience I had and ah, lot of times with paranormal ists. And with paranormal is, um, And with the study of the paranormal, we're so afraid of backlash that you know that we pretend we didn't have these certain experiences as this weird kind of elitism, you know? And so the people who do have strange experiences and do share them, um, end up being isolated from the people who should be their allies. I don't know if what I saw was paranormal in nature, but I do know that it it startled me. It unnerved me and yeah, it frightened me. So that's that. I'm, uh that's it. That's the That's this paranormal tales from the tower. Um, I am now a member of that club, and I will talk to you guys soon.

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