Talking D&T

TD&T049 Getting started with writing about D&T

October 13, 2020 Dr Alison Hardy Episode 49
Talking D&T
TD&T049 Getting started with writing about D&T
Show Notes

If you want to write about D&T but don't know where to start, this week I give you some advice about getting writing.

Mentioned in this episode:

Advice from Dave Parry at CLEAPS
Comments from Willy Adams at D&TA:

  • Articles are typically 900 or 1400 words over two or three pages, with plenty of good quality images to inform and support the text. 
  • We like to feature department profiles, showing readers what is taking place in different schools across the country; as well as case studies of projects that others might follow and take inspiration from. 
  • Other articles might feature particular viewpoints on aspects of D&T, such as the value of craft-based making skills vs computer aided pure design work, and the range of approaches that teachers use in interpreting the curriculum and its delivery. 
  • While Designing is largely focused on celebrating excellence in design and upon outcomes, D&T Practice is more concerned with processes and the delivery of teaching D&T in the classroom.
  • The magazines go out at half term (Designing) and at the start of term (D&T Practice) with copy deadlines approximately two months prior to the publication dates. Further details can be obtained from

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