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TD&T082 Opportunity for UK D&T teachers to attend an international conference

November 02, 2021 Dr Alison Hardy Episode 82
Talking D&T
TD&T082 Opportunity for UK D&T teachers to attend an international conference
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This week I am excited to share an opportunity for five UK D&T teachers to share their research at the PATT39 conference.

Edge Foundation are covering the conference fees for 5 teachers to attend the conference online (sorry - we won't be flying to Newfoundland!)

If you are interested, you need to answer 'yes' to these questions:

  1. Have you collected & analysed some data related to D&T education? (Ideally you will have or are I the process of writing this up.)
  2. Are you available between June 21st & 24th 2022 to attend each day of the conference?
  3. Do you have approval from your school to attend (currently there is no funding available for cover costs). 

If its a yes to these 3 questions, then send me an email I will then invite you along to the fist writing session on Wednesday 24th November 7.30 - 9pm.

Not sure if you can answer yes? Then drop me an email to set up time for a chat.

Throughout the programme you will be invited to writing meetings where we work together to write your paper for the conference, and you will have an experienced mentor to support you.

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If you're a regular listener to the podcast, one of the things that you'll know, that I am really passionate about is designer Technology Research. Now, that's whether I'm using it or whether teachers are using it, reading it, creating it, talking about it. All of those things to me are really important for the development of the subject. And I've done several podcasts and events in supporting teachers in using research and also creating research about their own practice. And so I'm really delighted today to be able to share the next part of that activity about supporting teachers in creating and sharing their research. The focus now is all on sharing research. And so what I'm able to share today, lots of shares going on here is that I've been given some funding by the age foundation for five UK designer technology teachers to attend the conference in June, which is the Pat 39 conference hosted by Memorial University in Newfoundland. Now, the money we've got is for paying for attendance virtually, unfortunately, we won't be flying out to Newfoundland. But it's a really exciting opportunity for teachers who've got some research, and who want to share it with a wider audience, the pet Conference, which happens every 12 to 18 months, and I've done podcasts in the past, talking about the pet conference, is a really lovely conference for design and technology education. Now I'm using the term designer technology. In other parts of the world, it's called technology education. But in essence, it's very much the same thing. It's the first conference that I presented at back in 2011, when it was hosted by the University of Goldsmith's and and I've really find it a nurturing space. So I'm really excited to the rest of this opportunity. So if you're interested in being one of those five, we're going to talk a little bit now about how you can get involved. So to be able to get involved, you have to have done some research, this is not about having got a plan to do some research, you have to have the data and the analysis done already, okay, because we have to have papers produced and accepted by about next April. So we don't have a huge amount of time for this. But there will be a programme in place to support the teachers that are wanting to attend the conference next June. So let's just get this all clear. So first of all, the criteria for being part of the group to present their research is you have to have done some research, and you have to have analysed it. Now you're going to be in a really strong position if you've done a master's, or you've done a doctorate recently, in the last 18 months to two years. So you've already got some material, and you've got some writing that we can work with you to use and to reshape into an article. So that's the first thing Have you got some data that's been analysed that you may or may not have already written up, or you might be in the process of writing up? The dog in the background is obviously thinking that he might have some data and wants to contribute. But hey, whoa, he won't be to this one. So that's the first thing. The second thing is are you available between June the 21st, and June the 24th 2022. Because the money will be for you to attend the conference online. So you need to be able to be released from classes if you're a practising teacher. And ideally, you should be a practising teacher. So you might want to go and have a chat to your school senior leaders about this about being able to block the timeout. Now I've looked at the time difference between the UK and Newfoundland. And I suspect that the conference won't start until midday UK time, but I can't I can't guarantee that. So it might be that you only need to be available for half days and into the evening. So first of all, go and check. Have you got some data analysed? Secondly, are you available? And then thirdly, do you have the support of your school? Now the reason I'm asking you to think about that is because currently, I haven't managed to get any funding yet for covering supply costs in your schools. I've put some requests out to some different organisations, I'm hoping to get a positive response, but I've got no guarantees on that. So you need to get some form of commitment from your school that they will be able to release you. Now at this stage, if you if they say yes, they're not going to be held to that. Okay, so if there's a change in circumstances, Greg, it's all kicking off here. If there's a change in circumstances, then you know that you're not able to be released, then we'll take that into account. And we'll find find a way around. So at the moment, we're just looking for expressions of interest. But you need to do those three things, before you express an interest in taking part in being part of the programme. If you go through all those things, yes, you've got some data analysed. Yes, you're available. Yes, you've got provisional support from your school. In principle, the next thing to do is to drop me an email. And my email address is Alison at Dr. Alison That's Dr. Alison Let me know you're interested, maybe give me a little bit of an outline about your research, you might be somebody I know already. So you just want to give me a couple of pointers. Okay, I'll be back in touch. The first time we're all going to get together is the 24th of November on Wednesday, the 24th of November at half past seven in the evening, to come together as a group to start writing the first part of the documentation that we need to do to be able to present research at the conference. Now, I'm kind of might be talking in a way that you're thinking, I have my research, I can get a provisional agreement to come, I'm available. But I've got no idea about what I have to do. Don't worry, that's what I have in place as well to support you. So I will be running some regular meetings for the group of teachers who are coming together to attend the conference, and you're wanting to present their work. And those will be around writing the abstract for your work, and then starting to shape your article and the article that you need to write to present your work. And you'll also do a presentation is 3000 words. Sounds like a lot, okay. But we're going to break it down over the course of between the end of November, and April to get that sorted, and you won't be on your own. So for everybody who's on the programme, you'll be allocated a experienced mentor, who's experienced in Writing, Publishing, editing and reviewing. And they, they will be with you on the whole journey. There'll be available to read stuff and also give you pointers. So I hope you're as excited about this as I am. If you've got any questions, then do drop me an email. Don't think this isn't for me, because I don't understand. Just think, have I got some research? Have I got some research about design and technology? Am I available? Yes, Mr. Moscow will be really behind me doing this. Just drop me an email, and we can have a chat and talk it through. But I think this is a fantastic opportunity. And I want to say thank you again to H foundation for supporting this. So great opportunity. And by attending the conference, you will be present amongst people who are leading the way internationally about design and technology education with their research and their thinking. So it will be a fantastic space for you to be part of. So I hope you're as excited as I am. I hope you realise that this is not going to be something where you're left on your own and abandon. But this is something that you'll be part of a group of people working together supporting each other, which again, I think is an exciting thing about doing research and writing about research in this supportive way. So anyway, thanks for listening. That's all I'm going to talk about this week. Hope it's kind of got some of your thinking. And I'm really looking forward to hearing from some of you